Canceling an Arizona Timeshare

With over 44 million people vacationing yearly in Arizona, it is no surprise that thousands of families decide to make the Grand Canyon state their new home every year. Whether it’s the wonder of stargazing under the dark skies at Cave Creek or enjoying big city vibes in eclectic art and music scenes of Phoenix, the allure of affordable travel is one reason many people begin their descent into the world of timeshare ownership. Unfortunately many also seek out information on canceling an Arizona timeshare.

With an offer of a free resort stay or a promise of a monetary gift card, who could resist? At first, the excitement of a free vacation seems to outweigh sitting through the 90-minute timeshare presentation. But as you’ve found out, the tour or presentation was not a mere 90 minutes nor was it worth your precious time.

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At Linx Legal, our customer care advocates will listen to you. We care about righting the wrongs of the timeshare industry. Let us free you from your timeshare contract obligations so you can stop the endless worrying. Please take a moment to watch this short video to see if you were told any of these 5 lies during your timeshare presentation.

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Arizona Timeshare Cancellation Laws

In Arizona, the law for getting out of your timeshare contract is clear. You have 7 calendar days after signing your agreement to rescind on your timeshare commitment. Sometimes it takes you a little longer than seven days to realize you’ve made a mistake. That’s okay. You can still get out of your timeshare contract 100% free and clear of all commitment through Linx Legal even if you are years past the deadline.


Getting Rid of Your Timeshare Once And For All

Since it’s never a good idea to try to get rid of your timeshare on your own, let us take care of battling the timeshare industry. We know a thing or two about that. If you stop paying your creditor, you would be only hurting your family. With a 98% success rate, Linx Legal will free you from your timeshare contract obligation. Stop the endless worrying by talking with one of our compassionate team members today. Please take a moment to watch this short video about the 5 Biggest Lies in Timeshare and see if you can relate to any of these lies.

How to Vacation in Arizona Without Timeshare Restrictions

A high percentage of Timeshare owners try to rent out or sell their timeshare within the first 5 years. This is a common occurrence in the timeshare industry which is why the rental market is flooded with cheap deals. This means you can enjoy fun vacations for a fraction of the cost of timeshare ownership.

  • Endless Vacation Rentals (EVR) – With over 200,000 discounted timeshare rentals, you are sure to find your dream destination.
  • SkyAuction – It’s like Ebay but for travel! Bid on top destinations, flights, cruises, theme park tickets, and more!

Secondary markets like these allow more flexible travel dates, you can book last minute travel and vacation on your terms!

4 Luxury Arizona Timeshare Resorts

  1. The Canyon Suites at The Phoenician, A Luxury Collections Resort by Marriott(Scottsdale) Customize your spa ritual. Create your own scent at the Aroma Design Bar. Wrap yourself in luxurious body wraps. Rejuvenate with hot-and-cold contrast hydrotherapy sessions. And end your day in our post-treatment lounge or at our rooftop pool in your private cabana.
  2. Sedona Rouge Hotel and Spa Collection by Wyndham The spa includes such luxuries as bodywork by a trained therapist and a 90-minute customized facial peel. Have your dream wedding at the Andalusia Ballroom. Their top-notched staff will arrange every detail of your special day.
  3. Hyatt Residence Club Pinion Pointe Sedona Kid-friendly Pinion Pointe will keep the youngsters entertained while you relax and enjoy the enchanting views of the red sandstone formations. There’s even a kids’ club called Camp Runamuka, with both indoor and outdoor activities. This centrally located paradise has many shops and eateries within walking distance or a short drive.
  4. Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass Phoenix Arizona’s premier Native American-owned luxury resort. Owned by the Pima and Maricopa tribes, the authenticity of the architecture is stunning. The resort embodies the serenity and lifestyle of the tribes through its spa treatment, tasteful art, and gardens. Enjoy catching views of the 1,500 wild horses roam the land around this unforgettable resort,

Were You an Emotional Hostage at Your Timeshare Presentation in Arizona

Do you remember feeling confused during your presentation? Were you too intimidated to ask for clarification? Were you convinced that the only way to live a full life with travel was to purchase a timeshare? You are not alone. Fast-talking timeshare sales reps talk fast for a reason, to confuse you into making an emotional and impulsive decision. They don’t want you to know there are better, less costly ways to enjoy the same vacations.

Well, now you know the truth.

  • You can get rid of your timeshare through Linx Legal no matter how long you’ve owned it.
  • The secondary market allows you to vacation at a fraction of the cost of ownership.
  • If you stop paying your mortgage, you risk ruined credit, collection calls, and possibly court fees.

Remember, you can always make more money, but you will never have the chance to make more time.

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What Can I Do To Get Out of My Arizona Timeshare Legally

Because every client is different, our team will create a timeshare exit plan just for you. Freeing you from all timeshare obligations.  Check us out on the Better Business Bureau website and then give us a call or text. We are here for you.

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