Lake Havasu City Timeshare Cancellation

Did you purchase a timeshare in Lake Havasu City? Do you want look into the cancellation of a Lake Havasu City timeshare? This page provides a guide for canceling your timeshare. In addition, you will find useful information about the Lake Havasu City area.

Beyond the expected desert and mountains of Arizona, lies a town with beachfront property. Lake Havasu City is known as America’s Playground for many reasons. If you recently vacationed at Lake Havasu, there is a good chance it was sunny. With over 300 days of sun each year, there really isn’t a bad time to go. And if you’re looking for adventure, hang on to your swim trunks.

With so much to see and explore, it’s easy to see why someone would want to go back to Lake Havasu City year after year. And this is what timeshare sales reps count on. It would not be hard to convince someone that the best and only way to make that happen is to buy a costly timeshare. That’s simply untrue!

If you were led to believe any of these misleading things during your timeshare presentation in Lake Havasu City, call our customer care team at Linx Legal and tell us about it. We care and are here to listen

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Do You Feel Trapped in Your Lake Havasu City Timeshare 

Turn to Linx Legal learn exactly how to get rid of your timeshare without any repercussions to your credit. Arizona cancellation laws are clear. You can get out of any timeshare within 7 calendar days by simply calling the company and rescinding.

Even If you are past the time limit to cancel with the company, you can still get out of your timeshare in Lake Havasu City easily. Linx Legal is ready to guide you through the timeshare exit process.

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Why Do People Buy Timeshares in Lake Havasu City Arizona

On any given day, scuba divers flock to Lake Havasu for their incredible underwater attractions. Shipwrecks, sunken planes, and even an entire underwater town from the 1800s. But wait, there’s more!

  • In 1967 the mayor of Lake Havasu City purchased the famous London Bridge. Now, this historical attraction is the second biggest attraction in Arizona only to the Grand Canyon.
  • An unlikely sight in a land-locked town, the lighthouses of Lake Havasu are numerous. The 25+ working lighthouse replicas are a beacon for night boating.
  • Lake Havasu Golf Club located along the Colorado River is breathtaking. And with over a dozen golf courses within driving distance from Lake Havasu, it’s truly a green paradise for golfers.
  • Birding anyone? The Lake Havasu National Wildlife Refuge is a birder’s dream. With over 300+ documented species, professional birders flock to Arizona every year to enjoy these beautiful birds in their protected habitats.
  • Lake Havasu’s 25 hiking trails have some of the best views in the country. From narrow passages to graceful waterfalls, explorers will find plenty of Instagram worthy photos around every turn.

Which Timeshare Companies Have Resorts in Lake Havasu City Arizona

Often, timeshare companies will swoop into a popular tourist destination city and buy resorts and hotels and turn them into timeshare inventory. Even if you think you are booking from a privately owned resort, think again. Some resorts that were once privately owned have sold out to the big timeshare companies. Worldmark Havasu Dunes is owned by Club Wyndham. Even the famous London Bridge Resort is a timeshare owned by a giant in the timeshare industry, Diamond Resorts.

Yes There Are Better Ways to Vacation at Lake Havasu City Arizona

Let’s explore these options.

  • Ebay Timeshare Rentals is packed with deals you won’t believe. Because owners are desperate to get rid of timeshares, you reap the benefits. Enjoy vacationing the smarter way with Ebay!
  • Red Week is the go-to place to find exceptional deals for pennies on the dollar. In short, you can still travel to your favorite destinations without the high cost of a timeshare. Save your money for more excursions and really enjoy the trip!

Can I Stop Paying My Monthly Fees and Get Out of My Timeshare Now

Yes! As we have come to understand, life changes fast. What you thought you wanted today is not what you want now. It’s okay to change your mind. You don’t have to be penalized for making a hasty decision. Link Legal will show you the easiest and fastest way out of your timeshare contract. We have a 100% money-back guarantee.

3 Truths and a Lie about Your Timeshare Contract

  1. Since the secondary market lets you vacation for less, you have the freedom to choose your destinations without being put on a waiting list. Traveling on your own terms in your own time is priceless. True!
  2. You are legally allowed to get rid of your Lake Havasu timeshare anytime you want to. True!
  3. You can say, “No thank you.”, stand up and leave the presentation while collecting any promised gifts. Usually, there is a minimum amount of time you must stay to collect any promised gifts. Each timeshare is different in Arizona. First, read or simply ask the resort how long you must stay to fulfill your obligation. True!
  4. being stuck with your Lake Havasu timeshare contract is for life. Lie! Our compassionate team at Linx Legal understands how confusing a timeshare contract can be. Therefore, knowing the law is imperative. Take our short quiz above and give us a call. We will take the burden of fighting for your freedom from your timeshare contract.
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How Can I Get Rid of My Lake Havasu Timeshare Fast

Link Legal is an ethical company specializing in timeshare exits. Our amazing team has done all the work for you. Every situation is different. Linx Legal is the foremost expert on timeshare company’s aggressive sales tactics. We know the tricks of all the top timeshare companies. Wyndham, Bluegreen, Holiday Inn, Diamond Resorts, and more. Check out our A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website and then give us a call or text.

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