Exiting a Phoenix Timeshare Contract

We all know, now more than ever, that life can change in an instant. You may feel trapped in your timeshare contract, but you are not! Linx Legal will tell you how to exit your timeshare purchase without penalty. No matter how long you’ve had your Phoenix timeshare, you can get out of your contract.

If you are having buyer’s remorse during the first 7 days after signing your timeshare contract, simply call the timeshare company and cancel. However, if you are past the 7-day window, that’s okay, call Linx Legal and let us help you get rid of your costly timeshare for good.

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With a 95% success rate and our 100% money-back guarantee, Linx Legal will free you from your timeshare contract obligations so you can stop the endless stress. Please take a moment to watch this short video about the 5 Biggest Lies in Timeshare and see if you have heard any of these lies during your presentation.

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Why Do People Buy Timeshares in Phoenix

  • Sports enthusiasts around the world flock to Phoenix every year to enjoy sporting events like the NASCAR Fanshield 500 Speed Fest at the Phoenix Raceway. You can even set up camp right at the raceway to stay close to the action.
  • Enjoy summer nights under the stars watching Major League Baseball’s Arizona Diamondbacks take to the field all summer long at air-conditioned Chase Field.
  • The fast-paced excitement of WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury takes the court at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum.
  • Phoenix is home to college football’s Fiesta bowl. Baseball fans hoping to snag a signature from their favorite rookie attend the Cactus League spring training. It’s a good chance to meet all of MLB’s top prospects and legends.
  • Spring also Phoenix Fan Fusion attracting thousands of comic book enthusiasts from across the country.

Timeshare sales reps are trained to find out what you’re “into” and use it to their advantage. Sports fans are always willing to talk stats, favorite players, and game-winning plays. It’s easy for a timeshare sales rep to gain your trust, but understand that the end game is to get you into a confusing timeshare contract.

Don’t Limit Your Vacation Options

Timeshare sales reps sell you a timeshare so they can collect maintenance fees for the company and keep you coming back year after year. Which is why maintenance fees go up every year. Stop the cycle of throwing away your money on a property that you will never own. Don’t be stuck going to the same timeshare resorts year after year. After all, variety is the spice of life!

Beware! Some resorts are not as they appear to be. Without knowing, you could book a timeshare resort and have the added pressure of a long timeshare presentation that could cost you precious vacation time.

Timeshare Resorts in Phoenix

  1. Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass Some brand-loyal travelers never know that their resort has been bought out by another company. Marriott now owns the Sheraton brand. Marriott has its own way of training timeshare reps aggressive sales techniques to persuade you into buying a timeshare when you arrive. There are cheaper ways to stay here, keep reading.
  2. Legacy Golf Resort which falls in the Wyndham family of brands, is a seemingly privately owned golf club until you arrive. Timeshare reps are waiting to push you into making a hasty decision all driven by your love of the game. Don’t fall for their scams. Book through a secondary market and save tons of money for the same resort at a secondary market.
  3. WorldMark Phoenix South Mountain Preserve is a Wyndham owned resort. Wyndham is the biggest timeshare company in the world. They profit from yearly upgrades and higher maintenance fees every year. You have the right to refuse a timeshare presentation at any resort.
  4. Arizona Biltmore A Waldorf Astoria Resort This resort carried the Vanderbilt family name along with the prestigious Waldorf Astoria brand. But if you search hard enough you will find out that this resort is owned by Hilton. Many people who book here do not know they are in for a high-pressure sales presentation upon arrival. But you don’t have to be afraid to book if you choose a secondary market.

Non-timeshare Resorts in or near Phoenix

  1. The Clarendon Hotel is an independently owned collection of hand-cured, boutique-style hotels, You won’t get that experience at any timeshare resort. Their Skydeck offers beautiful views of Phoenix’s skyline and surrounding mountains. Owned by Genre Hotels, enjoy all of their locations and be free to explore on your time!
  2. Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa is a privately owned resort at 53 acres of your own private paradise with panoramic views of the luxury spa treatment. Celebrities such as Beyoncé and JZ, often escape to Sanctuary when they want to rejuvenate, and the best part, you will never be asked to take a timeshare presentation.
  3. Arizona Grand Resort and Spa is Arizona’s only AAA Four-Diamond all-suite resort. And no timeshare presentation to steal away the precious moment of your life.

What Is The Secondary Timeshare Market 

Now that you know you have choices. Let’s look at how you can stay at all these resorts for a fraction of the cost of owning a timeshare. There are many secondary market sites where you can choose a timeshare condo to book, just like the one you own, for pennies on the dollar. How can this be? Because when owners realize they’ve made a mistake getting into a costly timeshare contract, they try to recoup some of their money by renting out their weeks or selling it. Some units start at just $1. The problem is there will always be more sellers than buyers and some timeshare units sit there for years ultimately costing owners thousands of dollars for something owners can’t use. Let’s explore some options.

  • The Armed Forces Vacation Club offers eligible members of the U.S. Military discounted vacations around the world! Their $359 per week (sometimes less) stays at top timeshare resorts are unparalleled. With their unique travel planning tool and 24/7 customer service, you can plan your vacation knowing you will not overpay!
  • Red Week is the most popular, well-known timeshare resale site in the world. It’s for everyone! Deeply discounted timeshare rentals. Why? Because they are costing timeshare owners tons of money. You can enjoy the benefits of vacationing at the same timeshare resorts with none of the obligations.
  • SkyAuction – It’s like Ebay but for experiences and travel. Bid on top destination vacations, flights, cruises, theme park tickets, and more!
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How Can I Get Rid of My Timeshare Now

Call and talk with our awesome team at Linx Legal. We will listen to you and create a timeshare exit plan that releases you from all timeshare contract obligations. We can even come to you.  Check us out on the Better Business Bureau website and then give us a call or text. We are here for you.

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