Getting Rid of Your Arkansas Timeshare

According to Arkansas state law, you can cancel the timeshare purchase contract without penalty within five days after signing the contract of sale, or up until you receive the public offering statement.

However, you can still get rid of your Arkansas timeshare after this period. Timeshare sales reps will often tell you anything to make a sale. This leads to many customers buying timeshares under false pretenses. These lies and half truths will also be the basis on cancelling your contract.

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When Vacation Dreams Turn Into Timeshare Nightmares

Predatory timeshare companies are in business to generate revenue and they are good at it. The salesperson has a job to do and in retrospect made the offer too tempting for you to pass up. When life changes, your rights to get rid of your timeshare should be up to you, not the courts. Here are some bad timeshare experiences that owners faced.

“My brother and his wife in VA both died suddenly and they owned a timeshare in NC which my nephew tried to disinherit by way of a letter. The timeshare resort said it couldn’t be done in NC and refused to take it back saying they would file a judgment against the estate. He had to get a lawyer and also file probate in NC which cost a couple of thousand to finally deed it back to the resort. What a mess.” Ava S. – Virginia


“They offered us two nights hotel stay for $20. We went this past weekend. Because we came up with a quote on our lifetime average vacation cost, they magically, matched it as being the cost of the timeshare. On top of that, they charged extra fees if you wanted to trade your weeks or go anywhere else. Same day signing bonus is a huge red flag, they’re preying on people’s compulsive behavior from their intentionally misleading presentation and explanations.” Gordon J. -Florida

Reasons to Vacation in Arkansas

  • Crater of Diamonds State Park (Murfreesboro) Treasure hunters love exploring this unique state park. It’s one of the world’s largest diamond-bearing volcanic craters. On average, 2 diamonds per day are found here.
  • Little Rock’s Cultural Center There’s never a shortage of cultural events woven into the fabric of Arkansas’ largest city. From the L&L Beck Art Company to CALS Ron Robinson Theatre films, music performances, plays, readings, lectures, speakers, and children’s activities.
  • Top 10 Best Fishing Spots in Arkansas Getting back to nature is what a vacation about. Thousands of fishing enthusiasts come out to the sweet spots each year.
  • Kahuna Bay tubing, water skiing, and boating galore are all in beautiful Hot Springs. Book a room at Baymont by Wyndham Hot Springs on the Lake and enjoy your life!

Better Ways To Travel That Timeshare Companies Won’t Tell You About

Learn how to stop the timeshare commitment! Let’s explore some less expensive, smarter options to take your yearly dream vacation to Arkansas without paying unnecessary fees.

  1. Ebay Rentals Timeshares just like yours, are being sold at pennies on the dollar for the same beautiful destinations that you’ve been promised. Save more of your money during the year by not paying high mortgages and enjoy your stress-free Arkansas vacations!
  2. Red Week Timeshares – Rent directly from owners, amazing deals, no tours required. Browse thousands of 5-star reviews from real timeshare owners.


Questions and Answers on Arkansas Timeshare Cancellation

Q: Can I still get rid of my Arkansas timeshare after the 5 days grace period?

A: Linx Legal has over a 95% success rate of helping our clients get rid of the never-ending cycle of debt caused by unethical sales techniques from pushy timeshare reps and we will help you too. Linx Legal will get you a full cancellation of your contract. 

Q: How much will it cost me to get out of my Arkansas timeshare contract?

A: Since everyone has a different experience, we will create a timeshare exit plan just for you based on what you tell us. We are here to listen and will help guide you through the process. Call us at 1-800-604-3989.

Q: Can you come to my home if I’m afraid to travel to your office?

A: Yes. We travel to all 50 states for your peace of mind.

Arkansas Timeshare Comparisons

All timeshare resorts set aside ‘x’ amount of rooms for non-owners to vacations hoping they will buy at a timeshare presentation. They are a priority. As a result of signing a timeshare contract, timeshare companies have little interest in you until your next visit when they will try to upgrade your plan.

South Shore Lake Resort in coveted Hot Springs is a lakefront resort. If you are a timeshare owner you’ll have to check if you can get into this resort with your points but as a non-owner, you can simply rent a unit in this resort anytime you’d like for as little as $799 for the week from multiple websites such as Mountain Condo Rentals.

A 2-bedroom condo at Los Lagos at Hot Springs Village owned by Diamond Resorts will cost you around $550 for a week in August. That is a better deal than paying your yearly maintenance fees and mortgage. Save your money! Seek out better ways to travel. Watch this short video to see how fast we can help you get out of your timeshare contract.

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What is the Easiest Way to Get Out of My Arkansas Timeshare Contract

Life changes. Canceling an Arkansas timeshare contract through Linx Legal immediately stops your mortgage and monthly maintenance fees. We are rated A+ on the Better Business Bureau website for good reason. Having the flexibility to help everyone in all 50 states, is important to us. We’ve seen great success canceling timeshare contracts in Arkansas.

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