Your California Timeshare Exit Plan

You arrive at the resort, check-in and before you know it, you’re scheduled for a “90-minute” timeshare presentation. What just happened? One minute you’re checking in to a resort and the next minute you own a timeshare. From the moment you agree to a timeshare presentation, the sales process begins.

This is why Linx Legal is the leading expert in timeshare exiting strategies. We know all the tricks timeshare companies use to rope you into a sales pitch. Our compassionate team is here to listen. We understand things change, it’s okay. When you no longer want the burden of timeshare ownership, let Linx Legal create your California timeshare exit plan today and stop the commitment.

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Know the California Cancellation Laws

Some people leave a timeshare presentation with anxiety. If you change your mind at any time and want to get out of your timeshare contract, there are two things you should know.

  1. You have the right to rescind a timeshare contract and receive a full refund within seven calendar days.
  2. You can still get out of your timeshare contract with Linx Legal 100% free and clear of all commitments. Linx Legal will get you out of your California timeshare contract. Even if you are days even years past the deadline.

Southern California

Southern California is divided into distinctive cultural regions. As a whole they create the SoCal culture. A vacation in Southern California checks all the boxes. From majestic mountains to the wide-open space of the deserts to romantic islands and beaches, you could visit many times and never experience the same vacation twice.

  • World Mark Palm Springs is minutes away from Tahquitz Canyon, art museums, and botanical gardens but as the largest sector of Club Wyndham vacation ownership, you can you’ll be lured into a timeshare sales presentation upon arrival. Wasting precious vacation time.
  • Wyndham at Santa Monica Pier From soaking in the sun at nearby Venice Beach to shopping at the world-famous Rodeo Drive shops, your luxury vacation awaits. But for many visitors, not before wasting time with a pushy timeshare sales rep.
  • Club Wyndham Oceanside Pier Enjoy the sounds of crashing waves, sailboats, and surfers. This resort located between San Diego and Los Angeles will charm you with all of the ritzy cultures of Southern California.

If you love California, getting rid of your timeshare does not mean you’ll have to stop visiting the Land of Milk & Honey. On the contrary, you can experience even more of your favorite places- on your terms and for a fraction of the cost of your yearly maintenance fees.

Central California

The Central Coast has the central hills of the California coast ranges, and the foothills and mountain areas. When you understand that getting out of your timeshare will allow you more freedom to travel, you are free to vacation your way!

Hug the Coast with travel on the Pacific Surfliner. Beautiful views, plenty of time to relax and reconnect, twelve Central Coast destinations. It is the best way to travel between cities.

During your California vacation, try staying at the Wyndham’s San Diego Bay Resort Let their award-winning staff take care of everything from coffee to cocktails.

Book a few days at Marriott Vacation Club Pulse in the heart of San Diego. Then, hop over to Las Angeles and experience the classic Hollywood Hotel by Diamond Resorts. And remember, once you get rid of your timeshare, you are no longer limited to one kind of vacation. Try everything!

Northern California 

Set along the ocean and rolling hills plus the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States and the jewel of Northern California. The city is full of history, great neighborhoods, parks, beaches, museums, and a whole host of entertainment options and things to do. Choose any resort or hotel you wish when you are finally free from a timeshare contract. Not only will you get better rates and upgrades by simply asking, but you can also say no to time-sucking timeshare presentations.

Why not stay at the Marriott Vacation Club Pulse in San Francisco. This contemporary resort is close to Levi Stadium home of the San Francisco 49ers. Perfect for the sports fan in your family.

There is so much to see in the world, don’t limit your options. Here are better ways to vacation without restrictions and for a fraction of your monthly maintenance fees. Linx Legal offers a free consultation and a 100% money-back guarantee.

Once timeshare owners realize what they’ve signed up for doesn’t give them freedom but restricts their travel, ties up their money and cause them undue stress, they list their timeshare in whole, their weeks or points on a Secondary Market until they can find a way to break free once and for all.

The Secondary Market is Booming

This means you can enjoy the same vacations at the same resorts you love for a fraction of the cost of timeshare ownership.

  • Ebay Resale Prepare to be shocked! Search the millions of timeshares for rent or sale for as low as $1.
  • Heroes Vacation Club gives free membership for Police, Firefighters, and EMTs. Search resorts, destinations, or take advantage of the $359 per week vacation at millions of resorts worldwide
  • Red Week – the largest secondary market in the world. Owned by a timeshare company that takes back the unused points and weeks from fed-up owners.

Because secondary markets like these allow more flexible travel dates, you can book last minute travel and vacation on your terms! Take the quiz above to see how we can help you break free from your California timeshare contract.

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Get Me Out Of My Timeshare Contract

No two client’s stories are alike. Our Linx Legal team will listen to you and create a timeshare exit plan that frees you from all timeshare contract obligations. Check us out on the Better Business Bureau website and then give us a call or text. We are here for you.

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