Get Out of Your Aspen Timeshare

Aspen is a beautiful ski town located in the Rocky Mountain range of Colorado. If you love skiing, you’ve likely visited this snowy region of the country. Aspen is an ideal place to go on a winter adventure. It’s not necessary to own a timeshare if you want to see the awe-inspiring nature and race down the slopes of Aspen. In this article, you will find useful information about the region, what makes it a great vacationing choice, how to get out of your Aspen timeshare, and lodging alternatives to timeshare resorts.

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Aspen, Colorado

The Appeal of Aspen for Timeshare Companies

If you’ve ever purchased skis, then you know skiing is an expensive pastime; there is a lot of wealth concentrated in Aspen. This makes sense because real estate there is some of the most expensive in the United States. Accordingly, people looking to visit Aspen are often looking to save money on their trips. This makes it very easy for timeshare salespeople to come up with reasons a timeshare in Aspen might benefit you. However, often this is just not true. Aspen may be expensive, but paying one time for a vacation still does not compare to a year’s worth of maintenance fees. Add on a hefty loan with monthly payments, the other “service fees” that developers often impose, and you’ve probably spent enough in one year for a second vacation entirely!

Timeshare Rescission in Colorado

Timeshare sellers do not want you to cancel your vacation ownership at all. However, in Colorado, you have the right to call the company and rescind your contract at any time within 5 calendar days of your purchase. As it’s very common for developers to gloss over your rescission rights during the closing, you may not have even seen that you are entitled to do this on your contract. If you want to cancel, make sure you read the rescission period thoroughly; we have had many clients who tried to get rid of their contracts over the phone, only to be told the request must be made in writing. Then, of course, would come the claims that the developers did not receive written notice within the cancellation window — a clever scam.

While a rescission period is great if you’ve just signed your contract, it can be a lot tougher to get rid of your timeshare once that window closes. At this point, developers will do just about anything they can to prevent you from canceling and encourage you to buy up instead.

Aspen: A Short History

In the 19th century, Aspen experienced a silver boom, which boosted its economy and brought prosperity to the town. By 1891, it was the world’s leading producer of silver. The population boomed, but the U.S. Government repealed the Sherman Silver Purchase Act in 1893. This Act facilitated the government’s purchase of silver for producing coins, so repealing it eliminated the silver market and brought economic ruin to Aspen. To this day, many of Aspen’s buildings date back to the silver boom.

While ranching and potato farming supported the town for a few decades, Aspen desperately needed a new central industry. The town was able to survive as a town through some clever entrepreneurship that took advantage of the region’s ideal skiing conditions. Jerome B. Wheeler, business mogul and president of what is now Macy’s Department Stores, saw potential in the area. To develop and invest in the region, he built Hotel Jerome and the Wheeler Opera House. Both are now at the forefront of Aspen’s tourism and culture scenes.

All That Aspen Has to Offer

Colorado is beautiful year-round. There really isn’t a bad time to vacation here–it all depends on what you want to do!

  • Aspen Music Festival and School – Founded in 1949, the festival is regarded as one of the top classical music festivals in the United States, noted both for its concert programming and its musical training. If you’re a lover of classical music, you can’t miss this showcase of classical music’s next generation of performers.
  • Aspen Art Museum – This is a great place to see an ever-evolving collection of contemporary art. Make sure to come when the sun shines through the building’s unique crosshatch structure. While you’re there wander through the rotating exhibits, and then enjoy a drink and a sublime view at the rooftop bistro.
  • Wheeler Opera House – One of Jerome Wheeler’s many investments in Aspen, this building is an iconic landmark. See a show at the beautiful auditorium, and enjoy the retail stores and restaurants on the other floors.

Enjoying Aspen Without a Timeshare

Remember, you have plenty of options if you want to stay in Aspen without attending an “owner update.”  In fact, you can still enjoy luxury stays at top resorts such as Wyndham and Hyatt Club. Check out booking sites like Travelocity and Priceline for online deals at these top resorts in Colorado. Alternatively, you can book directly through the resort as they save a number of units for non-timeshare owners.

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How Can I Get Rid of My Colorado Timeshare Fast

Firstly, everyone deserves to enjoy their vacation time worry-free. So, if you have been roped into a timeshare in Aspen that you don’t want or can no longer afford, reach out to us for help. Link Legal is an ethical company specializing in timeshare exits. Our knowledgeable team has done all the work for you. Every situation is different. Linx Legal is the foremost expert on timeshare company’s aggressive sales tactics. Find out how to cancel your timeshare today free of charge. We know the tricks of all the top timeshare companies.  Check out our A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website and then give us a call or text.

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