Costa Rica Timeshare Cancellation

Costa Rica is one of those places on everyone’s bucket list, but few take advantage to travel to the most exuberant places on Earth. And there are a thousand different kinds of vacations to experience. Immerse yourself it the country’s rich culture, go for a relaxing getaway, or have the adventure of a lifetime. But above all, know your rights and the Costa Rica timeshare cancellation law.

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Flamenco Snake Beach

Costa Rica Timeshare Exit Law

In all cases, you have the right to get out of your timeshare contract no matter what. But if you’ve just signed your contract recently, follow these guidelines. You might withdraw immediately if the contract was signed outside of the offering party’s offices. In other words, if a timeshare sales rep or manager delivered the contract to your hotel room to acquire your signature. In this case, canceling your contract within eight days is legal. Also, the request must be in writing, and you must provide proof of delivery.

Timeshares in Costa Rica 

Although Diamond Resorts has many properties listed in their portfolio, these two are “club affiliated”. Both Occidental Papagayo and Villa Essencia are mandatory all-inclusive, adults-only resorts. Here, the wilderness surrounds guests with wild, natural beauty, a characteristic of Costa Rica’s northern Pacific coast

In January 2021, Marriott Club Vacation’s Los Sueños Marriott Ocean & Golf Resort will open. And, the 24 sprawling two-bedroom villas will be located within the exclusive, 1,000-acre community of Los Sueños Resort and Marina. 

Why Do People Visit Costa Rica


When asked, the number one reason people choose to experience Costa Rica is to find some balance in the tropical rainforest. 

  1. Visit the National Park of Arenal and hike to a dry lava field from the 1992 eruption.
  2. Hike La Fortuna Waterfall, which has about 500 steps. Once at the bottom, you will have some time to swim and enjoy the waterfall. But you’ll have to save strength for the climb back up.
  3. Mistico Park Hanging Bridges slowly walk over suspended walkways in this private nature reserve home to many different animals, of birdlife, monkeys, reptiles, and tropical plants.


  1. Did you know over 5-million birds migrate through Costa Rica yearly? Hummingbirds, swallows, and raptors migrate by day. Under the cover of night, herons and storks form large groups and fly in a V-formation high above the clouds.
  2. Under the deep waters of Central America, over 6,000 marine species, 90 of which are unique to the planet, can be found.
  3. Since the country is best known to the world for its rainforests and not for its rich marine life, that part remains relatively unknown and unexplored. 


  1. Sun worshipers can enjoy sunshine year-round. The surrounding beach areas are known for their richness in greenery. Every water activity in the world can be found nearby, such as diving, snorkeling, boating, and fishing. 
  2. Get close to sea creatures on a whale watching tour, or jump in and swim with dolphins. Snorkeling the perfect way to explore a different world in paradise. 
  3. The central region also features fun places, like Puntarenas, with its giant cruise ships on the pier and famous seafood dishes.


Get close to nature for an adventure of a lifetime. 

  1. Climb a giant tree! Since tree climbing is done inside and outside of a hollow ficus tree, 130 feet up in the air, you can watch the sunset from the canopy. 
  2. Rappeling down waterfalls is an incredible experience. Knowledgeable tour guides bring safety gear and teach you how to rappel safely down the slippery canyons.
  3. Go Spelunking at Venado Caves. A guide will take you on a half-day hike where you will go 8,800 feet into the earth—Marvel at stalactites, an underground waterfall, and even a few cavern dwelling critters.

Secondary Market Option

Any booking website not affiliated with a developer directly is called a Secondary Market Site. Examples are travel booking sites and timeshare rental sites. Reserve your favorite resorts on Secondary sites. Don’t stay trapped in a timeshare contract any longer.

  1. RedWeek is where unhappy timeshare owners post their units for rent cheap.
  2. Armed Forces Vacation Club’s prices are unbeatable. Their Costa Rica vacations start at $299 for a week’s stay in paradise.
  3. For a unique place to stay during your trip, check out Airbnb Costa Rica and stay in some of the most unique places on Earth.

Once you learn how to cancel your Timeshare contract safely, then you can stop paying the upkeep for everyone else’s vacation stays. Rent your timeshares on other sites and go farther than you’ve ever imagined! 

Only in Costa Rica

  • Only in Costa Rica can you surf two oceans in a single day. Since the drive on the narrow part of the country is only six hours, it’s possible to surf in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans on the same day.
  • Relax in natural hot springs at the bottom of a volcano. Costa Rica contains over fifteen volcanoes, both active and inactive. The most famous is Arenal; this beautiful volcano stopped spewing lava in 2010 and is now dormant. While soaking, grab a tropical cocktail, and enjoy your amazing life.
  • Don’t just raft through a tropical rainforest; paddle the top rafting rivers on Earth. Barrel through Class IV rapids surrounded by dense rainforest. Stand in awe of waterfall after waterfall cascading into the rivers.
  • Be very still as you watch a sloth up close! It’s not uncommon to spot a sloth meandering its way oh-so-slowly across a road. If you don’t want to chance not seeing a sloth, check out the Sloth Sanctuary near Limón. Turn right at the bright yellow sloth-crossing sign near the intersection.
  • Discover the fountain of youth. Have you ever heard of the blue zones? These are places on our planet where the longest living people reside. Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula is one of five in the world. So, if you want to know the secret to longevity, grab a cup of coffee with the locals.
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