Canceling My Timeshare and Florida Laws

Have you owned a Florida Timeshare for years or did you recently sign a timeshare contract? Either way, Linx Legal is the answer to getting rid of your timeshare contract once and for all! We specialize in getting people out of their full timeshare contracts no matter how long you’ve had it or your money back.

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Your Right To Cancel Your Timeshare

If you are within the 10-day grace period per Florida law, you can simply rescind and give the timeshare back. If you have had the Florida timeshare over ten days, no matter how long, give us a call. 

First, fill out this short timeshare cancellation questionnaire to see how Linx Legal will get rid of your monthly payments once and for all.

Before You Arrived at Your Florida Timeshare Presentation

Do you feel like you have been taken advantage of but can’t put your finger on why? Are you questioning your judgment and wondering how you could have fallen for a high-pressured sales pitch so quickly? Well, we are here to assure you that it’s not your fault.

Before you arrive at the timeshare presentation, everything is set up to persuade you to buy. From the free coffee and food to the colors on the walls and even the way the tables are set up to isolate you from talking with other guests. Take a moment to watch this shocking video on what goes on at a Timeshare morning meeting before you arrive.

Sadly, none of what you experienced in your timeshare presentation was ever about your best interest. The whole process is set up to sell you on the dream of vacation ownership. But the timeshare resorts bottom line is the real winner.

Please take a moment to read this timeshare presentation article to see if any of these things have happened to you during your timeshare presentation.

4 Convincing Phrases Timeshare Sales Reps Say To Sell You “The Dream”

While on your Florida timeshare presentation, Do any of these sales phrases sound familiar?

  1. Paying for hotel costs more than a timeshare. What they don’t include in their calculations is yearly maintenance, homeowner fees, or other ever-increasing costs.
  2. You can rent out your timeshare if you don’t use it. This may be difficult. Often the timeshare rentals online are cheap and abundant and many never get rented leaving you stuck with weeks you cannot use nor rent. Also, the fine print of your timeshare contract terms may not let you rent out the property at all. Can you even transfer your vacation club points to someone who is not a member of your vacation club? These are questions you didn’t know to ask during your timeshare presentation. It’s not your fault.
  3. This special is only good for today! This is a type of selling scare tactic that sales reps use so you will not have much time to think about your decision.
  4. Purchasing a timeshare is a great investment. The truth is that timeshares have little to no resale value. If you get stuck in a Florida timeshare that you don’t want or can no longer afford, you could end up facing foreclosure for non-payment on your mortgage or maintenance fees.

These psychological tricks are created by the timeshare industry to pressure good people into making bad decisions. If you have heard similar phrases while on a timeshare presentation and felt like you had to act now or lose the deal of a lifetime, that’s called a high-pressure sales pitch and it’s illegal in Florida.

So Why Do People Buy a Timeshare in Florida

Florida is a top destination state for people from all around the world. Its warm year-round average temperatures ranging from 65-77 degrees. Florida boasts over 800 miles of accessible beaches and 9,200 miles of bicycling and hiking trails. Florida is a state that really does have it all.

No matter which part of Florida you choose to vacation, you can be sure there are plenty of timeshare resorts around to entice you.

Where Can I Find Premium Vacations in Florida For Less Money

Timeshare sales reps would have you believe that their way is the only way to enjoy full vacation experiences year after year. Not true!

  1. Armed Forces Vacation Club – For qualified members of the U.S. military, AFVC is a great way to travel. Free membership (premium upgrade available), vacation rentals at the top vacation destinations in the world for $359 or less throughout the year. It’s a small way AFVC says thank you to all our men and women serving our country.
  2. Airbnb – Unforgettable trips start with Airbnb. As an online marketplace that connects people who want to rent out their timeshares and other types of rentals with people who are looking for accommodations in that locale, Airbnb has an enormous selection of timeshare condos in some of the most beautiful destinations on Earth. This means you will be free to travel the world without the limits of a timeshare contract.
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What is the Easiest Way to Get Out of My Florida Timeshare Contract

Even though Florida is a great place to vacation, that does not mean you have to pay high prices to enjoy the same timeshare resorts you love. Our process is simple, just contact our office or visit one of our nationwide locations to learn more about getting rid of your Florida timeshare. In addition, we also offer in-home consultations anywhere in the U.S.

Do not pay another cent of your overpriced timeshare contract!  We are rated A+ on the Better Business Bureau website because we care about our clients.

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