Getting Rid of a Lahaina Timeshare

Getting rid of a timeshare is not an easy task. Timeshare owners will find it difficult to cancel their Lahaina contract on their own. However, with the right help from an experienced company, cancelling a timeshare is possible. Hawaii has its own market based on its desirable travel destination. If you need help getting rid of a timeshare in Lahaina, Linx Legal has the expertise to help you.

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Buyers’ Remorse

Have you recently made a purchase in Lahaina? If so, it is possible you have decided this may not have been a good idea. Timeshare sales presentations can be intense. The pressure to buy is too hard for most to handle. They will sell you a lifetime dream of vacation freedom for you and your family.

Buyers experience remorse for many reasons including:

  • The long-term financial implications
  • Credit ratings
  • Falling for a pitch
  • Misrepresentations
  • Information received after the purchase

Rescission Rights

Hawaii has laws in place to protect people from rash decisions impacting them forever. If you purchase a timeshare in Lahaina, you will have 7 days to think it over. During this period, if you feel the timeshare is not right for you then you can cancel. You will not need to contact us for this kind of cancellation. Simply notify the company in writing that you intend to rescind and you will be granted it. It is important that you give notice in writing. No other forms will be acceptable.

Lahaina, HI Timeshares

Wyndham is the number one timeshare company. They are well represented throughout Hawaii including Lahaina. There are several resorts surrounding the area including:

  • WorldMark Valley Isle
  • Outrigger Royal Kahana

We have vast experience getting rid of Wyndham timeshares. If you have purchased at one of these resorts, we can help.

Other Timeshares

Hawaii is a timeshare hotbed. There are many other resorts that we have assisted clients in exiting. You will notice that Diamond Resorts have become very prominent. Some of the other popular resorts in the area are:

  • Marriot’s Maui Ocean Club
  • The Westin Nanea Ocean Villas
  • Diamond Ka’anapali Beach Club
  • Kahana Falls Resort by Diamond
  • Diamond Royal Lahaina Resort
  • Diamond Valley Isle

Why Lahaina, HI?

Hawaii is a top vacation destination every year. Thousands of people from all over the world will visit for the tropical beaches and climate. Hawaiian culture is another draw for tourism. Vacationers love to escape the norm and get engulfed in the island lifestyle. Lahaina is famous for its mountains and valleys. The scenic attractions are enough to make anyone want to get on the next plane.


Over 2 million people visit Lahaina annually. They come for the natural spectacle and the long list of things to do in the area. This West-Maui city is known as the Mardi Gras of the Pacific when it comes to Halloween. The celebration is enjoyed by 30,000 travelers every year. There are parades, costume contests, and parties. The white-sand beaches and clear waters are not the only thing to behold in this coastal city. Some other year-round things to check out are:

  • Take a tour – every aspect of Lahaina has something to offer. Snorkeling, paddle boarding, and zip-lining tours are available.
  • Kapalua coastal trail – 1.7 miles of breathtaking landscapes and sites.
  • Lahaina Front Street – One of the most historical places on the Hawaiian islands. It is home to the oldest hotel in the state and numerous shops, taverns, and restaurants.
  • Banyan Tree Park – The largest Banyan tree in Hawaii. It is over 60 feet high and covers 200 feet of ground.

Timeshare Sales

Timeshare companies are prevalent in desirable areas like Lahaina. They use the natural beauty and exciting adventures to convince people to purchase their piece of paradise. Sales reps will push the fact that you can come back year after year and enjoy your purchase. But for what price? The expensive fees and mortgage payments make vacations become a sacrifice most families cannot afford. This leaves many owners looking for a way out.

Timeshare Alternatives

Buying a timeshare is not the only way to visit tropical places like Lahaina, Hawaii. These companies would like you to believe they hold the key to unforgettable adventures. However, there are other options available to the average traveler. Renting a basic hotel in the area would be far less expensive than entering a lifelong contract. The resorts provided by Wyndham and Diamond can also be accessed without ownership. Websites like and provide timeshare rentals that have been made available by owners.

Cancellation Companies

You now realize you do not need this timeshare purchase. If you are looking to get rid of your Lahaina timeshare, you will need the right help. Many companies claim they can help you cancel a contract. However, many of these have a bad reputation. Always check for online reviews before going into business with anyone. The Better Business Bureau is an excellent resource for finding out the good and the bad of any company. To be accredited on the Better Business Bureau, a company must be established for at least two years. This length of business is hard to come by with many of these “fly-by-night” timeshare cancellation companies.

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Why Linx Legal?

Linx Legal has an impeccable reputation for helping our clients. We are A+ rated and accredited by the BBB with countless 5-star reviews from people just like you that needed out of their timeshare. We have been cancelling timeshares in Hawaii for over 10 years. The expertise and experience is what matters the most when dealing with these companies.

How Do I Get Started?

If you have an unwanted timeshare, we are here to help. We have specialists ready to hear from you and get you started on the process to remove your contract. Our experience shows that there are certain ways that timeshares are sold that leave the developer open to being coerced to let you out. The process is second to none and we look forward to helping you. We can be contacted by any of the following methods: