How Can I Cancel My Maine Timeshare 

Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of paying your timeshare mortgage and rising monthly maintenance fees? Are you always asking yourself, “How can I cancel my Maine Timeshare?” We’ve got the answer. Please take a moment to read this timeshare presentation article. Let us know if you’ve been told any of these lies during your timeshare presentation.

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Timeshare Cancellation Laws in Maine

Despite what you may have been told, you can give back your Maine timeshare to the resort within ten days. After that, you’ll have to seek help if you want to get rid of your timeshare. Linx Legal can help. If we can’t save you a ridiculous amount of money, we will not offer our services.


Getting Out of Your Maine Timeshare Agreement After 10 Days 

The timeshare companies do not have your best interest at heart. There are state and federal laws that protect you, let us fight for your rights while you get back your peace of mind and keep your money.  Linx Legal has over a 98% success rate of helping our clients get out of your timeshare contract without any harm to your credit.  


The Maine Attraction

Maine offers all four seasons to explore if you’re planning your first family skiing trip, a weekend of moose-spotting, or a peaceful oceanside getaway. Whether you prefer the eclectic vibe of Portland or a more slow-paced vacation in Kennebunkport eating lobster rolls and seaside walks, experiencing Maine should be on everyone’s bucket list. A must-try is the historic Maine windjammers restored schooners that once carried goods around the world, give travelers the thrill of sailing. 

Best Of Maine Food Edition

Nowhere in the world will you taste food like the food prepared in New England. Fresh seafood and recipes handed down from generations past are the best part of visiting Maine.

  1. Back Bay Grill
    (Portland) Located in one of the hottest foodie cities in the country, Back Bay Grill brings hundreds of chefs from all over the world to experience authentic New England cuisine.
  2. Bob’s Clam Hut
    (Kittery) A well-known eatery in Kittery since 1956, Bob’s built its fame on two styles of fried clams. Serving traditional Maine fried seafood with straightforward simplicity.
  3. Eventide Oyster Co.
    (Portland) Serving imaginative and tasty interpretations of New England’s best seafood like chowder, lobster rolls, and fried fish. And if you’re unable to get to Maine this year, you can still have their most delectable lobsters rolls Eventide Brown Butter Lobster Rolls delivered directly to your door!

Unlimited Ways to Vacation in Maine

Whether you use them or not, owning a timeshare means paying for all your vacations ahead of time. Let’s explore smarter travel options that you might not be aware exist. 

  • Ebay Rentals Maine Timeshares, just like yours, are sold and rented at pennies on the dollar for the same beautiful destinations that your timeshare company has promised you. Save more of your money during the year by not paying high mortgages and enjoy your stress-free Maine vacations! 
  •  Red Week Timeshares – Rent directly from owners, amazing deals, no tours required. Browse thousands of 5-star reviews from real people at locations around the world at a fraction of the cost of owning a timeshare. 
  •  Google. By merely typing vacation plus your destination, you will find offers from local resorts, property management companies, and sites to help you book your next Main vacation. You may even find your new favorite vacation place. 

Remember, there are millions of upscale privately owned places in the world, such as Inn By the Sea in beautiful Cape Elizabeth Maine. This luxury getaway is perfect for you and your canine. Beach Suites with private entrances and decadent spa services welcome you to your weekend retreat. Life changes; we never know what’s around the corners, so wouldn’t it be financially savvy to only pay for the vacations you take


Which Timeshare Resorts Are Most Popular in Maine 

Don’t worry you can still stay at these places whenever you’d like. Simply call and book yourself. Ask for discounts and upgrades. Only pay for the vacations you want.

Linx Legal will get you a full cancellation of your contract, whether it’s been 11 days after your presentation or years later.  Sound good? Great! Take this quiz above to see how we can help you take back your vacations.


Dog Lovers Rejoice!

Vacationing with your whole family every year may not be possible if your furry family member isn’t allowed. But surely if you ‘own’ a timeshare, you should be able to bring anyone you love? Not according to timeshare contracts. And most timeshare sales reps won’t even mention pet restrictions on your presentation. Linx Legal cares about your entire family. We are here to show you better ways to vacation. 

  •  Bring Fido Explore over 250,000 pet-friendly places to stay, explore and eat with your dog! Exclusive Airbnb partner, no booking fees, and a pet-friendly guarantee. 
  •  Pets Welcome Letting the dogs out since 1995. Pet-friendly road trip planner, passport account for your dog breed-friendly searches, and more!
  •  Go Pet-Friendly Book everything from posh resorts to pet-friendly campgrounds, shop pet safety gear, book trusted pet-sitters while on vacation. 

Linx Legal makes it a priority to treat every client like family, and we don’t stop until we reach the desired outcome. Let us handle the timeshare cancelation process backed by our 100% money-back guarantee 

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How Can I Get Rid of My Maine Timeshare

If you feel your timeshare fees are getting out of control, Linx Legal will tell you how to stop your monthly maintenance payments today. If we cannot help our clients get relief from their obligations, we do not take them on as a client.

We offer FREE consultations without obligation. Call one of our caring team members. They will explain your timeshare exit options, so you to make the best decision for your family. We take the risk out of your hands by offering a 100% money-back guarantee on all services.