Grandview Las Vegas Timeshare Cancellation

Timeshare sales are a multi-billion-dollar business. Grandview owns a piece of that billion-dollar pie. Even though its massive resort sits a few miles off the Vegas strip, it’s still right in the center of the action. The good news is you’re not stuck in your timeshare contract. Linx Legal can lead you through your Grandview Las Vegas Timeshare cancellation process.

Whether or not you’ve been told the whole truth during a presentation is questionable. Timeshare sales reps often twist the contract language just enough to make it sound like it’s your life’s best investment (their opinion) without actually saying anything wrong.

If you’ve already owned your timeshare for years, you’ve probably upgraded your package. Stop. You are not required to take any more tours. Some owners want to get rid of their timeshare. So they go on a tour just to find out how to get out of their timeshare contract. While timeshare reps will never tell you exactly how to cancel your timeshare, they will try to upsell you into buying an even bigger timeshare package. Talk with our friendly team about your concerns today. Fill out the short quiz below to get started.

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Nevada Timeshare Cancellation Laws

In Nevada, you may cancel a timeshare purchase up until midnight of the fifth calendar day following the date you signed the contract. That’s just enough time to get home and realized your window to give back your timeshare is over. Linx Legal understands all phases of exiting your contract, including the ethics of timeshare sales.

What Draws People to Grandview Resort

In 2003, the construction of Grandview began. Whenever the project initially started, it had only two towers with a total of 384 units. Now, with eight towering buildings and 1,856 units, Grandview Las Vegas is a major player in the timeshare industry alongside mammoth names like Hilton Club Vacations and Wyndham. Cesar’s Entertainment (NASDAQ: C.Z.R.), formerly Eldorado Resorts, owns the Grandview resort. Choose either spectacular views of the city’s desert landscape, as well as views that light up at night. It’s one of more than 50 properties under the Caesars group, including Planet Hollywood and the Flamingo. Accommodations include;

  • Five hot tubs
  • Poolside activities
  • Barbeque Grills
  • 9-hole mini golf
  • Arcade
  • Shuttle service to local stores

 Grandview’s Exchange System

Some timeshare companies like Club Wyndham Vacations sell points while others like Marriott Vacation Club sell specific weeks. Surprisingly, Grandview sells both!

On the front end, first-time buyers are sold specific weeks of the year that allow them to book the resort. However, every year thereafter, salespeople will upgrade your package by selling your points. It isn’t very clear, and that’s what they count on. That you only believe what they are telling you without trying to figure it out for yourself.

What’s the difference between Weeks and Points?

  1. Points are like currency. Owners may purchase time, i.e., varied weeks throughout the year at their home resort and affiliated resorts.
  2. Each owner is assigned a specific week of the year. Usually, the same week every year. They can exchange that week at another resort if they have open availability for that particular week. Ideally, the perks of points-based ownership are that you can always purchase more points on the timeshare resale market. Although the point value may fluctuate.

The Choice is Not Yours

Veteran timeshare managers are all too willing to teach sketchy upselling techniques, especially to hungry, broke newbies. Even though there is a strict code, new sales reps desperate to earn commission often push the limits of timeshare sales over the edge of ethics. This is where Nevada law prohibits timeshare developers or salespeople from engaging in unfair or deceptive acts in a timeshare transaction. For instance, one psychological selling method used frequently in timeshare sales is S.P.I.N. (Situation, Problem, Implication, Need)


Sales reps listen closely to potential buyers’ current life situations and resources. Scripted questions such as, “How do you currently manage X?” can better prepare them to move on to the Problem phase.


The goal is to get the prospective buyer to point out their own problems. They take ownership of the issues and start to think about how much trouble these issues are causing.

Implication Process

What will happen with an unresolved issue? Often times, owners believe they will be treated with respect, but they often get nowhere. In that case, they start questioning the entire process.


To recognize the benefits and value of your product before you have a chance to tell them. Closing the sale then becomes easy.

Nevada Timeshare Resale Protection Laws

Meanwhile, timeshare owners who try to sell their timeshares quickly soon realize there is virtually no after-market. As a result, a new scam artist has popped up. A company promises to get your timeshare sold. But the owner must pay a large amount of money upfront to process the transaction. After the owners pay the fee, the scammer often disappears.

The top 9 complaints of timeshare owners;

  1. Rushed through the Deeding (contract signing) process.
  2. Failure to inform them of the cancellation period.
  3. Wearing them down until they’ve agreed to sign a contract.
  4. Stating that timeshare ownership is a personal property investment in the resort and will therefore appreciate in value. When in reality, Timeshares lose their value immediately after purchase and can’t quickly be sold or given away.
  5. Offering to buy-back the timeshare at any time. This is rare.
  6. Upselling packages for them to continue using weeks/points.
  7. Selling older couples who may not be fully aware of what they are buying.
  8. Excluding crucial information that may have halted the sale.
  9. Not giving thorough information on increasing fees that may be added at any time.

The Secondary Timeshare Market 

  • Red Week is where you’ll find any timeshare cheaper than you could ever own one. Remember, these deals are for everyone!
  • Ebay Timeshare Rental listings have cheap timeshares all over the world for anyone to rent.
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Canceling Your Grandview Timeshare

You’ll find many positive reviews about Linx Legal on the web. If you’re ready to enjoy more Las Vegas vacations, better rates, and a bigger inventory, call and talk with our friendly team members. Creating the best exit plan for you is our pleasure. We can stop your monthly maintenance payments immediately. The Better Business Bureau rates them an A+. If you want to know how to cancel your Grandview timeshare, please contact us today.

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