How to Get Rid of a Timeshare in New Hampshire

This article will include information you should know before trying to cancel your timeshare. We help people get rid of timeshares in New Hampshire. Getting out of timeshare means no more mortgage payments or fees.

Many owners want and need to get rid of their timeshare. The right help is often the only way to successfully get out without future damage. On your own, timeshare cancellation is virtually impossible. With the right help, getting rid of your New Hampshire timeshare is within reach.

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Canceling on Your Own

There is only one scenario that guarantees an owner the ability to cancel without help. This is only if a purchase is recent enough that rescission laws are in play. The state of New Hampshire gives a window of time for a contract to be canceled. For timeshare, this period is 5 days. This starts on the date of the paperwork being issued to the buyer.

Executing Rescission Rights

If your purchase is less than 5 days old, you can get out. All you will need to do is notify the timeshare company in writing that you are rescinding the purchase. The contract will be canceled and you will be refunded any money paid for the timeshare.

Timeshare Sales

Linx Legal knows the timeshare sales process. This is how we are able to help our clients achieve the cancellation. There are certain things that sales reps cannot say to you. It is possible these tactics were used on you as well. Do not wait to contact us and see if we can help. We are able to cancel your timeshare even years after the purchase.

Why New Hampshire?

Timeshare properties are available anywhere there is a need. Travelers will always need a place to stay while on vacation. Timeshare companies will always sell units to unsuspecting buyers. The American northeast is a popular travel destination for families across the nation.

New Hampshire Timeshare Resorts

Linx Legal has received thousands of complaints from timeshares. We have been canceling New Hampshire timeshares for over 10 years. Let’s go over some of the resorts we have had success with.

  • Club Wyndham Crotched Mountain Resort – North Francestown, NH
  • South Mountain Resort by Bluegreen Vacations – Lincoln, NH
  • The Sands Resort – Hampton, NH
  • The Windrifter – Wolfeboro, NH

These are just some of the timeshare resorts in New Hampshire. We would love to hear your experience from any other timeshare company.


New Hampshire may be small in size but it is big in adventure. The White Mountains are the northern range of the Appalachians. This mountain range offers many outdoor activities for visitors. New Hampshire also has coastal land and beaches along the eastern border. Fall Foliage will draw many visitors every autumn. The variety of New Hampshire has something to offer for all visitors.

The White Mountains

This mountain range is the biggest outdoor attraction in New Hampshire. Adventure is around every turn as tourists can enjoy skiing, ziplining, helicopter tours, and wineries. Some of the most popular attractions in the White Mountains are:

  • Markus Wildlife Sanctuary – 200 acres of preserved plant and wildlife
  • Seven Birches Winery – RiverWalk Resort at Loon Mountain
  • North Country Climbing Center – Indoor climbing training facility in Lisbon, NH
  • Golf at Maplewood Country Club


Wintertime opens more possibilities in the mountains of New Hampshire. Many will escape more temperate climates to enjoy the snow. Skiing is huge for visitors to the northeast. New Hampshire has many popular ski destinations including:

  • Loon Mountain Resort – Lincoln, NH
  • Gunstock Mountain Resort – Gilford, NH
  • Cranmore – North Conway, NH
  • Bretton Woods – Mount Washington Resort
  • Mount Sunapee – Newbury, NH


New Hampshire has a unique offering of snowcapped mountains as well as sandy beaches. The beach is a crowd favorite for all travelers. There is something to do year-round. New Hampshire offers both populated and private beaches. The most popular beach locations are:

  • Jenness Beach
  • Wallis Sands
  • Hampton State Park
  • Salisbury Beach

Why People Buy Timeshare

As you can tell, New Hampshire has a quality vacation for anyone. Travelers can escape any time of year and enjoy all of the things to do. Timeshare companies will sell the idea of being able to come back year after year. A points-based timeshare would allow flexibility to travel at different times of the year.

Alternative Ways to Travel

Timeshare ownership is very expensive. The mortgage payments rival any other major purchase. The interest rates are high with no hope of refinancing. On top of the mortgage, associated fees will continue to take a toll. Maintenance fees, membership fees, and housekeeping fees are all part of the package. Renting will always be the cheaper option. Sites like and offer rooms at the same resorts without the hefty costs.

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Timeshare Cancellation Companies

Many companies claim to be able to remove your timeshare. Unfortunately, the timeshare industry is full of scams and false claims. Always be careful of anyone asking you for money upfront. They may be claiming to help sell your timeshare or rent your space. If you are contacted by a company, always check their reputation online. The BBB is a great resource.

Why Linx Legal?

What separates us from the competition? The results that we achieve. We have over a 99% win rate for the cases we take on. Linx Legal has been in business since 2009. The BBB has given us an A+ accreditation. Our clients have been gracious enough to leave us multiple 5-star reviews. If we take your case, we offer a money back guarantee that we will win!

To Get Started

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