How to Get Rid of Your Atlantic City Timeshare

Is your timeshare causing stress in your life? Has your financial situation changed? Or do you just want to get rid of your timeshare? Understanding your rights is the first step in canceling an Atlantic City timeshare. Linx Legal is the leading expert at timeshare cancellation

From the free consultation to the day when you receive your timeshare cancellation letter, Linx Legal will be right by your side every step of the way. We will always be available to talk with you and answer questions. You’ll never fell abandoned during the process. If you want to learn how to get rid of your Atlantic City timeshare, fill out the quiz below and talk with one of our exit specialists. Yes, the consultation is free, and there is no obligation to use their services.

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New Jersey’s Fallen City

Way back in the 1970s, Atlantic City was Queen of the Casinos, second only to Las Vegas. Gambling was legalized in the 1970s, and the city’s cash cow rose into a $3 billion industry.

Unfortunately, there are only nine casinos left Atlantic City. Now the city’s skyline is a sea of old and often abandoned buildings. Since the roadway system in Atlantic City did not keep up with the changing modes of modern transportation, the infrastructure no longer makes sense. Cripling poverty and a violent crime surge made residents relocate to the suburbs or other states. Atlantic City is no longer shines like the jewel she once was.

What’s Left in Atlantic City

  1. The Beach is still a draw. Warm sand and sunshine are a nice break from the lights and noise of the slot machines.
  2. Casinos Gambling is the number one pastime it Atlantic City. Since there are few casinos left, they tend to be crowded with locals throughout the week.
  3. Shows 70s bands like Styx and Air Supply still perform to a limited crowd. Newer acts like Marlon Wayans and Wayne Brady’s improv comedy adds a little variety to the strip. Yes, even William Shatner is still in the entertainment business with his hilarious stories about show business angst.
  4. Atlantic City Fashion Week is what style is all about. Fashion shows, celebrities, and parties are par for the week. At the same time, sipping on your favorite cocktails, dance the night away on aboard a dinner cruise.
  5. The Boardwalk Enjoy shopping, dining, and after-dinner walk on the beach. Or for the more adventurous, surf, parasail, or embark on a sunset cruise.

Attractions Worth Seeing in Atlantic City

  1. Lucy The Elephant This 6-story architectural wonder was made in the shape of an elephant. Built in 1881, Lucy was created to promote the area and attract tourists. Today, Lucy stands as the oldest surviving roadside tourist attraction in America.
  2. Absecon Lighthouse New Jersey’s tallest lighthouse awaits. As you take a journey through Absecon, climb the 228 steps for a breathtaking view.
  3. The Steel Pier is a 1,000-foot-long amusement park built on a pier of the boardwalk in Atlantic City. Riding the boardwalk rides brings nostalgia for the good ‘old days.
  4. Tour Historic Gardner’s Basin with an aquarium & boat tour. You can charter fishing boats, go dolphin watching and even enjoy some adult fun on a booze cruise. Shop the quaint boutiques and eat at local venues.

Where Can I Save Money on My Next Jersey Vacation 

  • RedWeek You’ll have more money for the casinos by ditching your timeshare with Linx Legal.
  • Armed Forces Vacation Club The lowest prices all over the world, including Atlantic City. Rent with confidence that you’re getting a fantastic deal for the week.
  • Ebay Timeshare Rentals Owners put up their costly timeshares to generate income; sometimes, they’re lucky- most times, they’re not. Go snatch up a week in Atlantic City at any resort for a fraction of timeshare ownership cost.

Tip: When booking through the resort, ask for a specific upgrade, like an upgraded view or dinner vouchers, to increase your chances of getting a freebie without taking a timeshare tour.

Timeshare Resorts in Atlantic City

BlueGreen at Atlantic Place Condo-living is at the center of all the action. Spectacular Ocean Views, outdoor pool, in-room jetted tubs.

Club Wyndham Skyline Tower Enjoy the glass-enclosed indoor/outdoor heated swimming pool. Or get a massage at the spa. 

Marriott’s Fairway Villas (Galloway) is only 20 minutes from Atlantic City, so the area is more serene with a touch of class.

FantaSea Flagship Resort Towering over the historic Boardwalk stands a 32-story resort with incredible views and peace from the bustle below.

New Jersey Timeshare Laws

New Jersey timeshare exit law states that seven days after signing the contract or receiving the public offering statement. If you are past the 7-day recession period, Linx Legal will clearly explain how to get out of your Atlantic City timeshare. 

4 Reasons Linx Legal is the Best Timeshare Exit Company

  1. They will prevent credit damage.
  2. Linx Legal has established relationships with BlueGreenMarriott & Wyndham to get you faster results. Have been in business since 2009
  3. 100% Money back guarantee. Although they cancel 98% of their client’s timeshare contracts, if for some reason, they don’t cancel yours, all your money will be refunded. 
  4. They keep in touch with you weekly, so you always know the status of your case. You may call them anytime as well to ask questions or find out information.
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Timeshares Cancelled with Linx Legal

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