Terminate Your New York Timeshare Contract

If you love New York but don’t like being told when you can take your vacation, it’s time to get rid of your timeshare. Despite what you’ve heard, you are not stuck in your timeshare contract. However, it does require a lot of work and time to get out of one on your own.

Linx Legal has a 98% success rate of freeing owners from the burden of timeshare ownership. By filling out our questionnaire, we can determine if you qualify for our program to terminate your New York timeshare contract.

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New York City – Do it Your Way

Where else can you spend your morning browsing art from around the world at The Metropolitan Museum of Art; then off for a quick lunch date with friends at Paul’s Cocktail Lounge. Spend your evening front row at a Broadway play, then Uber uptown to Gotham Comedy Club for a late-night laugh. And finally downing a dozen authentic Ukrainian pierogis before heading home just in time to get up for work. New York City, that’s where!

10 Free Things To Do In New York City

  1. Go to a kid-friendly museum
  2. Cruise on the Staten Island Ferry 24 hours a day
  3. Take a free yoga class in Prospect Park
  4. Watch a movie under the stars at Bryant Park
  5. Experience the Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting
  6. Stroll through the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
  7. Enjoy the Brooklyn Brewery Tours every weekend
  8. Visit the Bronx Museum of the Arts
  9. Join a game of ultimate frisbee in Central Park
  10. Visit The New Museum – a home for contemporary art and ideas

Upstate New York

As soon as you start driving toward the upstate, you’re transported into a completely different world. Wind down and enjoy the quieter side of New York. Rent a cottage at Blue Mountain Lake and relax by a crackling fire. Explore antique shops and artisan stores in Old Forge in the Adirondack mountains. Or check out the beautiful scenery, boating, fishing, lighthouses, and picturesque riverside villages of Thousand Islands.

Storm King Arts Center is a popular spot for hiking. Bonus, the art center has curated over 100 sculptures beautifully placed on the grounds for you to discover. Birders, grab your binoculars and head to Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge to spot all sorts of animals including six bald eagles nests.

Lies Timeshare Companies Tell You

It’s easy to believe in the concept of timeshare ownership during a timeshare presentation. Sales reps are skilled at breaking down information into bite size portions, so you’ll feel more in control of the situation. But sometimes, those companies get caught in their lies.

  1. Bluegreen Vacations New York paid over $6.5 million to the NY State Attorney General after they admitted they lied to owners about the availability of units at The Manhattan Club.
  2. In 2016, timeshare giant Wyndham agreed to a $6 million settlement to owners for deceptive resort fees when booking through their website.
  3. A class-action lawsuit filed in 2016 alleges that Marriott Resorts sold false ownership in real estate through its points-based timeshare product.
  4. Another class action filed in 2014 claims that Spinnaker Resorts violated Missouri law when they assessed closing costs onto the buyers.
  5. Diamond Resorts was sued for using high-pressure, deceptive sales and the inability to get out of contracts or get refunds.

New York Timeshares

You won’t have to sacrifice luxury and quality after you cancel your timeshare. Non-owners take full advantage of secondary markets to book the same resorts they love at a much lower cost. Here are the top-rated timeshare resorts in New York. Compare timeshare ownership to lower vacation costs on secondary market websites at the end of each resort description below.

The Secondary Timeshare Market

When a person’s lifestyle changes, their travel needs change as well. Owners realize they need to cut lifestyle costs by getting rid of their New Mexico timeshare. But it’s not like an old pair of shoes you toss in the trash. Timeshare contracts come with maintenance fees for life. Owners often turn to alternative websites to rent out their timeshares until they can find a way to get out of their timeshare contract.

  • Red Week is the most popular place to rent timeshare units without commitment.
  • Ebay Timeshare Rental listings have cheap timeshares all over the world for anyone to rent.

We Love New York

Ready, set, jet! Last-minute getaways are the spice of life. Whisking off to a new adventure is always a good idea. Once you are a non-owner, you’ll be free to fly to New York on a whim. Time is our most precious commodity, spend more of it on vacation!

Believe it or not, booking last minute is often cheaper than preparing months in advance. You can’t do that stuck in a timeshare contract. How about a quiet trip to Montauk’s majestic white sand beaches and charming lighthouses? Or delight in the Adirondack Wine and Food Festival at Lake George next weekend.

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How Can I Get Rid of New York Timeshare 

Linx Legal will go through your options based on your unique situation and show you the best exit plan for you. Don’t choose a fly-by-night exit company, when you can choose one that has been in business since 2009. The Better Business Bureau gives Linx Legal an A+ rating for our excellent client relationships.

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