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If you own a Pennsylvania timeshare but want out, you will likely have some opposition. The process will not be as simple as giving it back during the 3-day return window. Take the quiz below to see if Linx Legal can help get rid of your Pennsylvania timeshare.

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Why Do People Buy Timeshares in Pennsylvania

Nestled in the Appalachians are historic towns and architectural marvels. These are a few reasons people choose to vacation in Pennsylvania or PA (pee-yay) if you’re a local. The Keystone State is more of an experience than a destination.

If you’ve ever eaten a Hershey chocolate bar in your life, you’re going to love visiting Hersheypark. The park was founded in 1906 by Milton S. Hershey as a leisure park for the Hershey Chocolate Company’s employees. How will you know when you’ve arrived in Hershey, PA? Because the whole town smells like chocolate!

Rival Cities of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are on opposite ends of the state and couldn’t be more different. While Philadelphia claims the best Philly cheesesteak hoagie, nobody puts french fries inside of a sandwich like the almost famous Primanti Bros.

The state is large enough to have two NFL teams. The Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles, whose rival is as fierce as their sandwich wars. Tours of both Heinz Field and Lincoln Field are available to the public.

Sports fanatics can spend the entire year cheering for the Pennsylvania teams they love. With the first snowfall of winter comes, the mighty Pittsburgh Penguins skate their way into the hearts of fans all season long. Over on the right side of the state, the Philadelphia 76ers take the court for some nail-biting basketball action.

Pennsylvania Welcomes You

Summer in Pennsylvania is all about outdoor fun! Both families and history buffs will love Kennywood amusement park. Ride all three wooden roller coasters dating back to the 1920s. Every first-timer visiting Philadelphia should run (or carefully walk) up to the top of the ‘Rocky Steps’ located in front of the Philadelphia Art Museum. Be sure to snap a picture at the top, arms raised in victory!

As summer melts into fall, the vibrant red and gold foliage is spectacular. Countless Winter festivals and snowy getaways in the Poconos are popular. Or opt to ice skate on a frozen lake or pond.

Which Timeshare Resorts are in Pennsylvania

BlueGreen Vacations Hershey is located just two miles from Hersheypark. This charming boutique hotel is available to non-owners all year round, as well as owners.

Club Wyndham Shawnee Village is made up of cozy cottages on the lake. Hiking nearby Buttermilk Falls is not to be missed.

WorldMark Shawnee Village by Wyndham will keep you busy. Horseback riding, downhill skiing, and watersports are all close by or onsite for your enjoyment.

Club Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown is situated right near the Three Rivers Park District with plenty of downtown entertainment within walking distance.

Great Wolf Lodge Pocono Mountains by Diamond Resorts has over 79,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor water-packed fun!

Reasons People Want to Get Out of Their Timeshare Contracts

  • High-pressure sales to buy or upgrade to a ‘better’ plan every year during their vacation
  • Unable to offset maintenance fees using points or credit card rewards
  • Difficulty reselling or renting a timeshare at the value promised by sales reps
  • Realizing that timeshare is not an investment property as they were led to believe
  • The omission of critical information that may have changed the owner’s mind
  • Sales reps lying about the ways owners can break free at any time from their contract
  • They find the timeshare alternatives online for a fraction of the cost

The Secondary Timeshare Market 

  • Red Week is the most popular place to rent timeshare units without commitment. Deeply discounted timeshare rentals are available to everyone
  • Ebay Timeshare Rental listings have cheap timeshares all over the world for anyone to rent

Lake Erie Pennsylvania – The Best of Both Worlds

Hiking in the mountain air and lake swimming reminds people of their childhood summers. Lake Erie is the best of both worlds. Whether sunbathing on Presqueisle Beach of fly fishing in a river is your happy place, Lake Erie, PA, will not disappoint. Lake Erie was chosen as one of the top-20 family-fishing spots in the nation by Field and Stream magazine. Come see what all the bliss is about!

The Appalachian Scenic Trail

Over 2,100 miles of the Appalachian Trail (AT) starts in Springer Mountain, Georgia, and ends in Mt. Katahdin, Maine. The Trail crosses 14 states on its journey up or down, the East Coast. Although you don’t need to be in perfect shape to trek, there are a few things to note before you go.

  1. Flat parts are few and far between.
  2. Hikers of all ages (81 to 5) have completed the trek, as have several blind hikers and an above-the-knee amputee.
  3. Taking a tent is recommended but not necessary as there are many lean-tos along the way.
  4. Make sure to test your fancy new hiking gear before heading out on the AT by going on a few short hikes.
  5. Be sure your doctor agrees that you’re in good enough health for the long journey.
  6. Understand the seven principles of Leave No Trace (LNT).
  7. Read a lot of books and articles about the AT before trying a hike-thru.
  8. Become a guardian of the AT by volunteering your time or money to this incredible endeavor.
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Cancel Your Timeshare – Don’t Lose Any More Money

If you’re ready to enjoy more Pennsylvania vacations, call and talk with our excellent team at Linx Legal. We will listen to you and create a timeshare exit plan that releases you from all timeshare contract obligations. We can even come to you. The Better Business Bureau rates us an A+. Please take our short quiz above to get started

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