How to Cancel Your Puerto Rico Timeshare

It’s easy to understand why people buy timeshares in Puerto Rico. It’s a special place. The island and its inhabitants are known as Boriqua, the island’s original name before the Spanish conquistadors arrived. Puerto Ricans are American citizens, and the island can be visited without a passport at any time.

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ocean in Puerto Rico

Visiting Puerto Rico for the First Time

What does your dream vacation look like? For many, it’s relaxing on the beach near the ocean or exploring tropical rainforests. It might even be eating delicious food and dancing the night away. There’s a place where you can do all that and more, and you don’t even need a passport to see it. We’re talking about Puerto Rico, the Caribbean island that’s only a two-hour flight from Miami, Florida.

When to visit Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is inviting just about any time of the year. That’s because the tropical marine climate means it is almost always warm and sunny, and thunderstorms don’t last very long. The best time to visit Puerto Rico is between December and June, to avoid the Atlantic hurricane season. Along with other Caribbean nations, the island of Puerto Rico has its fair share of hurricane activity, which is especially strong in September and October.

Puerto Rico has taken some hits in recent years with hurricane’s Maria and Irma battering the island. Although Puerto Rico is still recovering from the damage, which can be seen in smaller towns and even in the tropical rainforest of El Yunque, visitors to the major cities in Puerto Rico likely won’t notice.

Timeshares in Puerto Rico

  • Wyndham Grand Rio Mar has a laid back vibe, just the kind Jimmy Buffet sings about. This lushly landscaped tropical escape has dozens of amenities to keep you busy – or perhaps, keep you totally relaxed.
  • Hyatt Hacienda Del Mar in the city of Dorado is encased by tropical flora and sit on the beach.

What is There to Do in Puerto Rico

In a word, tons; there is an endless list of things to do when visit Puerto Rico. The island has a unique history that blends Taino, Spanish, and American cultures together. Let’s take a look at the best things to do on the island.

Nature in Puerto Rico

  • The island has some of the best beaches of any territory of the United States. In San Juan, you can find great sand and blue ocean in Condado. If you are leaving the capital, visit Pinones for a more local feel or Vieques and Culebra islands.
  • Puerto Rico is home to the only tropical rainforest in the entire United States. Reach El Yunque easily by car from anywhere on the island.
  • The island has some incredible waterfalls. The most popular place to visit is Gozalandia in San Sebastian, on the island’s west side. This waterfall is roughly 50 feet tall and 25 feet wide with a beautiful pool of cool water at the bottom for a relaxing dip after a hike to the falls.
  • La Cueva Ventana in Arecibo is a great destination for some hiking and photos. The landscape’s framing from the natural “window” of the cave is a great way for Puerto Rico to show off its beauty.

City Sights

  • Old San Juan is a perfect mix of old and new. The district is home to rows of colorfully painted homes and businesses, dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries. Here, you will find Castillo San Felipe del Morro which is a Spanish fortress built to protect the island. Think of it as an open-air museum that stands as a testament to the colonial history of Puerto Rico.
  • La Placita is the hub of San Juan’s nightlife. Most nights, the plaza comes alive when the sun goes down with drinking and dancing lasting well into the night, often till the break of dawn!
  • Take a Chinchorreo Bus in one of Puerto Rico’s cities! It’s the local way to bar hop and eat delicious foods along the way. There are a handful of companies that operate Chinchorreo tours for visitors, but the best way to experience the fun is on a local bus.

Other Ways to Book a Puerto Rico Vacation

Do you want to know how to get rid of your timeshare while still visiting Puerto Rico often? Secondary Market Sites on the internet and prepare to save lots of money for the same resorts you love. You were once a non-owner and free to choose your destination. It can be that way again. Canceling your Puerto Rico timeshare is your best option.

  1. RedWeek refers to the prime season to rent timeshare resorts. It’s also the largest timeshare rental site on the web.
  2. Ebay Timeshare Rentals You can buy anything on Ebay, including renting a timeshare.

Where to eat in Puerto Rico

It should come as no surprise that Puerto Rico has some fantastic food. Be on the lookout for delicious pork dishes like pernil, seafood, and delectable local specialties like mofongo. Restaurants in San Juan. Kasalta and La Casita Blanca are two great local spots to eat. Kasalta has delicious breakfast options in scrambled eggs and French bread (Puerto Rican style) and extensive bakery food options. Meanwhile, La Casita Blanca serves up local specialties like mofongo, which is mashed plantains with your choice of meat.

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When Will My Puerto Rico Timeshare be Cancelled

Every client has a different situation. We’ll be happy to listen to your story and shine some light on how long it will take to get out of your timeshare.  We’ll find the best option for canceling your Puerto Rico timeshare.

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