How Can I Get Rid of My Charleston Timeshare

So, you’ve finally asked yourself, “How can I get rid of my Charleston timeshare without hurting my credit?” First, good for you for taking this first step. Now it’s time to learn how to cancel your contract safely. Whether you just purchased or have been an owner for years, take the short quiz below to see if you are eligible for the Timeshare Exit Program.

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Downtown charleston

Explore Charleston

Walking tours are a great way to connect with other like-minded tourists. And you will get to see some cool things you might have missed otherwise. Let’s take a stroll down the cobblestone streets of Charleston, South Carolina.

  • Rainbow Row here is a place in Charleston where you will see tourists gathering to take photographs by droves. For instance, walk through this unique area, and the 14-row houses will jump out at you. Their brightly colored paint shines with all the colors of the rainbow. This classic architectural style is what makes Charleston so appealing to tourists and locals alike.
  • Historic Waterfront Battery You can’t help but imagine the battles that took place just across. The cannons are staring back at you as your imagination takes over.
  • Fort Sumter is where the American Civil War started on April 12, 1861. The fort is accessible only by boat.
  • Hidden gardens and courtyards are all around. In fact, walk down the narrow alleyways and explore the secret gardens around every corner. However, be careful not to wander onto private property. Good news! Some of the great places have been turned into museums, and their gardens are now open to the public.
  • Charles Elliott House is an example of a 1750s Charleston single house. It’s one of the largest pre-Revolutionary houses in the city.


Revolutionary and Civil War landmarks

  • Fort Sumter The first cannon shots of the Civil War were fired from Fort Sumter.
  • The Citadel’s Support of the Confederate Army This military academy provided both military and artillery support to the South during the civil war.
  • Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum is one of the most exciting American military museums in the country. The wartime vessel docked in Charleston harbor offers the chance to understand America’s Naval history. 


Historic churches and graveyards

  • Magnolia Cemetery Stroll amongst the live oak trees draped in Spanish moss. This ancient cemetery is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The burial grounds are the final resting place of many Confederate soldiers.
  • Circular Congregation Church Cemetery This must-see graveyard is the oldest burial ground in Charleston, where over 500 souls are at least, some dating back to as early as 1695. The oldest headstones are made from slate stone.
  • African-American Cemeteries Only a handful of 18th and 19th-century maps and grave markers show where African-American heroes are buried. 

Bless Your Heart

Southern charm and oyster bars are everywhere you go. But there is a lot to eat in Charleston besides just biscuits and grits.

  1. 167 Raw ew England style Oyster Bar in the heart of historic downtown
  2. Basic Kitchen massive flavor and a meal that’s hearty but still feels light
  3. Bertha’s Kitchen, the Southern soul food platters here are so tasty, generous, and inexpensive.
  4. Dave’s This soul food joint offers a true taste of Charleston. Besides, for under $10, you can get a takeout box filled to the brim with the best of Lowcountry cooking.
  5. Edmund’s Oast This hip gastropub has a laid-back vibe. Especially Chef Bob’s menu, which highlights the house-made charcuterie and cheese plates.


Travel Hacks to Know

Despite what you’ve been told, owning a timeshare is the worst way to vacation. Actually, they have no value at all, and most people try and fail to sell them for $1 just to get out of their contract. Since Timeshare costs don’t include things like travel, here are some money-saving hacks to use for your next vacation.

  1. Take advantage of the hotel’s best rate guarantee- simply calling the resort and booking through their in-house call center will save you a hundred on your stay. And the availability will be wide open.
  2. Travel like a VIP without the cost. You can buy passes on eBay for huge savings. If a pass is about to expire, sometimes the passes are on sale for as little as $1.00. This is good if you have a long layover.
  3. Airport parking hack- Instead of paying outrageous parking fees, search for a highly-rated nearby parking lot with a shuttle service. Above all else, the cost savings will be significant.
  4. Go last-minute with Groupon- Tired of waiting 51 weeks until your next trip? Go now! Groupon Travel has some of the best deals on the internet.

Secondary Markets are for Everyone

Ebay Marketplace has thousands of rentals at discounted prices. You can still vacation at the same resorts you love with zero commitment. Now, enjoy a stress-free vacation, thanks to eBay!

Red Week is a huge online marketplace for timeshare owners to rent out their timeshares. 


Timeshares in Charleston

Festiva Adventure Club has Church St. Inn. Diamond Resorts has Belmond Charleston Place & Church Street Inn. Club Wyndham has The Mills House Wyndham Grand Hotel.

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How Does Timeshare Exiting Work

It’s your life, and choosing to get out of your stifling contract is the right decision. To tell the truth, how you choose to cancel your timeshare is a personal decision. But at Linx Legal, we will listen to what you want and create a personalized timeshare exit plan for you. As a matter of fact, with our 100% money-back guarantee, there is no risk to you. In order to start the process, please go to our Better Business Bureau site and read our rave customer reviews, then call us for your free consultation.