How to Get Out of Your Galveston Timeshare

Not everyone who vacations in Galveston owns a timeshare. Yet, they still enjoy all of the pleasures of the island. If you’ve been recently thinking, “how can I cancel my Galveston Texas Timeshare” but are unsure where to start, take a minute to fill out the short questionnaire below. One of Linx Legal’s friendly Exit Advocates will reach out and explain step-by-step how to get out of your Galveston Timeshare.

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Texas Timeshare Cancellation Laws

Texas timeshare owners may cancel their timeshares up to six days after signing their contract. The timeshare company then has 30 days to refund all fees back to the buyer. If you find yourself in a timeshare that you can’t afford or no longer use, talk with the experts at Linx Legal. They have helped people just like you get rid of their timeshares in all 50 states.

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Why Do People Vacation in Galveston

Galveston Island is a 41-mile-long peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico and Galveston Bay. The warm, calm waters and luxury resorts and beach houses draw crowds all year long. This Gulf of Mexico City has over 30 miles of beaches. Flip flops, a bathing suit, and sunblock are all you’ll need while walking up the coast. The cultural scene is lively, with 20 art galleries and historic homes and mansions to tour. Bring all the kids along to Moody Gardens and get caught in a tropical rain forest downpour just for fun.

Galveston on a Budget

Galveston has many free or low-cost things to do, as well.

Tip: book directly through the resort for and stay mid-week when the rates are lowest.

  1. Galveston Island Pass will save you up to 40% on all attractions and is valid up to 30 days after purchase.
  2. All aboard the free dolphin ferry ride. During the 25-minute voyage across the bay, there is a good chance you’ll spot dolphins frolicking in the waves.
  3. Galveston Arts Center has an ArtWalk on eight Saturday evenings each year in Galveston’s historic district’s heart.
  4. The ever-changing exhibits of the museums in Galveston will keep you going back. Learn about Galveston’s unique history through various art mediums.
  5. Fishing in Galveston Everything’s bigger in Texas and Galveston, even the fish. Whether you’re looking to fish inshore for Redfish or chase giant pelagic fish offshore, fishing in Galveston is where the fish come to play.

Holiday Inn Vacation Club 

HICV is a Vacation Club company where people buy memberships for the privilege of booking certain weeks within the Holiday Inn brand family. The points system is designed to have the member pay ongoing yearly maintenance fees for life to upkeep their resorts.

In exchange, members can use Holiday Inn Vacation Club resorts one or two weeks a year, depending on how many points they buy. However, every other traveler who is a non-owner can book those same resorts pay a lower cost for the same condo that the Vacation Club owner pays year-round. The system is set up against the member, but timeshare reps will have you believe the opposite during a sales presentation.

Timeshares in Galveston

Holiday Inn Galveston Seaside Resort Sits in a secluded section of the beach, which means private beach access along with mini-golf to enjoy.

Holiday Inn Galveston-On the Beach is great for corporate travelers looking for a beachfront resort all-in-one. There are five function rooms and each holding up to 200 colleagues.

How to Get Rid of My Holiday Inn Club Vacation Membership

Did you know once you purchase a timeshare, 80% of its value depreciates instantly? Many Americans are scammed into believing that their timeshare will increase in value; unfortunately, this is not true. Every timeshare company, whether Marriott, Wyndham, or Festiva, or any other brand, has the same goal- to confuse you enough to have you pay for the upkeep of their resorts for the rest of your life.

Linx Legal cancels a whopping 98% of clients’ timeshares. But if for some reason, they are not able to do so, they will refund 100% of your money in a timely manner. Start the process of canceling your vacation club contract today. Our team works diligently to get you the results you desire.

When you hire Linx Legal, the first thing they will do is take the time to listen and answer all your questions about the exit process. Next, the choice is yours. If you want to start the exit process, your exit team advocate will create a plan for your unique situation.

Prettiest Galveston Beaches

  1. Beachtown Development has crisp white railed boardwalks against golden sand beaches, it’s the perfect backdrop for special occasions. This fairly remote beach is never too crowded even during summertime.
  2. Porretto Beach has the most colorful sunsets. The small shoreline seems like you have the beach to yourself. Birders will enjoy spotting the varied species all over the island.
  3. City of Jamaica Beach is clean and friendly without being busy. There are many beach houses for rent right on the shore. You can enjoy orange sunrises and pink sunsets without going anywhere but your front porch.

Schlitterbahn Gavelston

  1. Rohr!  Cross your arms and get ready to fall straight down from the 70-foot high tower at 30 miles per hour!
  2. Loopy Lunge Walk up the stairs a whopping 40 feet in the air, and speed slide down two enclosed winding tube slides to the 390-foot trip to the splash pool below.
  3. MASSIV Monster Blaster The world’s tallest Water Coaster anyone? Bring along the butterflies in your tummy as you climb 123 steps to the top of the 81-foot high record-breaking water coaster. While inside the tunnel, enjoy the light show created by the slide itself. Prepare yourself for landing with a terrifying triple-drop ending!
  4. Cliffhanger Freefall from a height of 81 feet and reach speeds approaching 40 mph.
  5. Screaming Serpents Slide through the bellies of two giant serpents. Fog and a light show add to the realistic experience of the ride.

The Secondary Timeshare Market 

Once your timeshare is canceled, not only will you have more money, you’ll also be able to book the same resorts you love on sites like these.

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Take the First Step to Cancel Your Galveston Timeshare 

It’s simple really. Call toll-free at 1-800-604-3989 to see if your timeshare case is eligible for their exit program. If so, Linx Legal will curate a timeshare exit plan just for you. The Better Business Bureau rates us an A+. Take a few minutes to fill out this basic questionnaire .