How to Get Your Williamsburg Timeshare Cancelled 

A trip to the South’s northern tip will be a lesson in this country’s history. Through conflict and treaty, the land that we know today was, and still is, a work in progress. What keeps you going back to Williamsburg, Virginia? Why not visit more often and enjoy all the unique places to stay. You can do both those things when you get out of your limiting timeshare contract. Find out how to get your Williamsburg timeshare canceled by filling out the short questionnaire below.

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Williamsburg Palace

The Colonial Capital

In Colonial Williamsburg, tourism centers around the historical contributions to the United States. Also, the charming town wisps you back to a simpler time. Together with neighboring Yorktown and Jamestown, Williamsburg is part of Virginia’s Historic Triangle.

History buffs will tell you that these three towns were key locations during the settlement of the area. Generally speaking, that’s roughly 250 years of American history within 200 square miles.

The Best of Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg is a remarkable historic town. The buildings have been completely restored to their 18th and 19th-century luster, operating entirely as an open-air museum. You will see staff conducting educational tours dressed entirely in period costumes. Here are a few things to consider in Colonial Williamsburg.

  1. The Governor’s Palace is the former home of the Royal Governors of Virginia. The building is a recreation of the original, which burned down in the 18th century. See how the rulers of the Union lived.
  2. Are you getting hungry? Have a colonial-inspired meal at Chowning’s Tavern. They serve up a full menu of deliciousness, such as Brunswick Stew and Shepherd’s Pie. Were the founding fathers eating brisket on a brioche bun? Unlikely. But that doesn’t make it any less scrumptious.
  3. Take a carriage ride through Colonial Williamsburg! Ride in one of four restored 18th-century carriages across the historic district. It’s a great way to unwind and see the town’s top attractions, including the Capitol, and ongoing military recreations.
  4. The Comedy Club of Williamsburg, where every week is a new standup comedy show.
  5. The Williamsburg Winery celebrates the best of food and wine. Taste, dine, stay, and relax.

Colonial Fun for the Whole Family

The best part about a visit to Williamsburg is that it’s always a great getaway for the entire family. Beyond the historic sites, Williamsburg has attractions that are sure to please parents and kids alike.

  • Take a 20-minute drive to Yorktown for a cruise along the York River. The 100-foot schooner Alliance departs from Yorktown three times a day.
  • Not one, but two amusement parks operate near Williamsburg during the summer months. Visit Busch Gardens or Water Country USA for a fun day splashing around in wave pools and shooting down waterslides.
  • Tour the oldest museum dedicated to preserving American folk art: The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum. Thanks in part to the Rockefellers, Williamsburg maintained its history. The folk art museum is just another part of the wealthy couple’s philanthropy.

Timeshares in Williamsburg

  1. Club Wyndham has three resorts in the historic city, Patriots’ Place, Kingsgate, and Governor’s Green. Relax poolside or sit back and take in the natural splendor surrounding these charming resorts.
  2. Westgate Historic Williamsburg Resort These large villas are comfortable and quiet. After check-in, have a stroll along the charming boulevards.
  3. Diamond Resort International has Great Wolf Lodge accommodations. Of course, this place is all about getting wet and having fun!
  4. GreenSprings Vacation Resort and The Historic Powhatan Resort are part of Diamond Resorts. For the most part, both are quiet retreats away from the bustling city. These full-size condos feel like home.
  5. Marriott’s Manor Club has large comfy rooms housed in beautiful colonial-style building and decor. Of note, nearby landmarks such as The Everard House and Wren Building make this property a great place to stay.
  6. Golf anyone? Noted for their scenic woodlands, these greens are recognized as some of the most playable in the country.
  7. Blue Green Patrick Henry Square is part of BlueGreen Vacations’ Ascend collection of resorts. While you’re there, be sure to savor some French cuisine at Le Yaca. 

Get Moving!

After a few days of strolling through museums, eating hardy meals at new restaurants, you’ll probably want to get some exercise. Get up and get moving with these fun family activities!

Firstly, Take a long bike ride down the 23 miles of the Colonial Parkway. Because it links Jamestown to Yorktown, there are unique places to stop along the way. Then, stop for a quick hike, enjoy the scenery. Alternatively, stop by the Yorktown Victory Center to participate in events such as musket firing and artillery drills.

The Quarterpath Recreation Center is an indoor facility with games galore! Pickleball will get your blood pumping. Then, head outdoors for a game of Disc Golf or play a few rounds of tennis. Additionally, rowboat, pedal boats, and canoe rentals are available in the Park. Then, enjoy a picnic lunch in the park for a memorable day. 

Smarter Ways to Travel

If you want better ways to vacation, look no further than the world wide web. With timeshares becoming a dime a dozen on the rental market, you’ll have more options than ever before.

Armed Forces Vacation Club is one of the best vacation booking sites. It’s open to military members and their families. Because of sites like these, more timeshares are up for rent online than ever before. Becoming a non-owner has its perks.

Identically, Ebay is a top contender also. Secondary rental and resale markets like these are why owners are getting rid of their timeshares. They can keep going to the places they love without the giant price tag of ownership.

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The Best Way to Cancel Your Timeshare

If you’ve purchased a timeshare in Virginia, you have seven days to give it back. Otherwise, you’re stuck with it. But, no matter how long you’ve owned your timeshare, we can get you out of your contract. In fact, Linx Legal is A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau. Contact us to find out your best exit options.