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Please note that we do not buy, sell, or rent timeshares. We aim to remove the financial burden of your timeshare by cancelling your contract.

Don’t be fooled with many of the non established exit companies. Linx Legal has been in business since 2009, is accredited with the Better Business Bureau, has an A+ rating, and a history of positive reviews.

Meet Lana Prytuliak

Your Timeshare Relief Specialist

Lana Prytuliak is a seasoned professional at Linx Legal, specializing in timeshare relief. With over a decade of experience, Lana has helped numerous clients find effective solutions to escape the burdensome nature of timeshare ownership. Her empathetic approach, coupled with her extensive knowledge of the industry, ensures that clients receive personalized assistance throughout the process. Accredited with the Better Business Bureau and boasting an A+ rating, Lana takes pride in being part of a reputable organization. If you’re seeking relief from your timeshare obligations, Lana Prytuliak is dedicated to guiding you towards freedom from maintenance fees. Contact her at (352) 663-8863 to learn more and get started on your path towards timeshare relief.