Is Linx Legal Inc a law firm?

Linx Legal Inc., is not a law firm. Linx Legal Inc. interfaces between you and an attorney, if one is used for your timeshare debt cancellation. As opposed to a client retaining the services of a licensed attorney, and paying hourly fees, with no guarantee of a successful resolution, Linx Legal Inc. removes all [...]

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How do I get started?

To start the process of cancelling your timeshare debt, simply complete our online questionnaire to begin your free, no obligation consultation. Once the online questionnaire is submitted, a consulting director will contact you to answer any additional questions and discuss the next steps of the free, no obligation consultation process.

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What is my current timeshare worth?

Most timeshares are liquid assets with no aftermarket, making it difficult, if not impossible to sell. As a consumer, you can visit credible online resale sites and purchase the same or similar timeshare ownership for pennies on the dollar on and

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How much does your service cost?

As every timeshare ownership is unique, our fees vary based on your specific timeshare ownership, and desired resolution. Linx Legal Inc., performs a FREE, comprehensive, no obligation consultation, and provides options for potential clients.

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Who is Linx Legal Inc?

We are a consulting firm who specialize in the cancellation of timeshare debt with over 10 years of case experience. We work with experienced attorneys and other companies to help eliminate your timeshare burdens. Our team of timeshare cancellation experts know how to legally free you of your timeshare debt obligation. At Linx Legal [...]

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