Get Rid of Your Festiva Timeshare

Although Festiva does not have as many resorts as the larger, Club Wyndham, they remain a small but active fish in the timeshare pool. Do you like Festiva resorts but not the hefty cost of ownership? If you’re reading this article trying to decide whether or not to attend a Festiva timeshare presentation, let me save you 6 hours of your vacation time; don’t. Once you commit to a timeshare, you’re hooked for life. 

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Time is Running Out

If you’ve recently purchased a Festiva timeshare, then you have 30 days to cancel. But if you’re past the recession period, hire a top-notch timeshare exit company like Linx Legal to cancel your contract. Our 95% success rate at timeshare cancellation comes with a money-back guarantee.

Why People Like Festiva at First

  • Variety— An array of different places to visit from Maine to St. Maarten.
  • Getaways— Book a vacation without exchanging your week for as low as $199/week plus fees.
  • Discounts— Hotel, car, and cruise discounts are appealing.
  • Upgrades— at no cost when you buy the Premium Plus package at Resort Travel and Exchange (RTX).


But Then Reality Sets In

Owning with Festiva comes at a price. In addition to the mortgage costs, maintenance fees, and specialty fees you’ve agreed to pay, there are more expenses to consider.

  • RTX charges fees to do basic things, such as the $147 Custom Search Fee.
  • Owners are automatically enrolled in a Premium Plus Membership at $297 per year.
  • Downgrading to the Premium Membership will cost you a $127 annual fee.
  • A $136 Exchange Fee is charged when you trade your home resort week to a different resort.
  • Their resort selection is limited unless you keep the Premium Plus Membership.

RTX Hidden Fees

In addition to the above fees, one must account for the following fees: you may end up paying out-of-pocket once you reach your destination.

  1. Bed tax
  2. Occupancy tax
  3. Cancellation fee
  4. Port charges
  5. Gratuities
  6. Utility charges
  7. Security deposits
  8. All-inclusive fees are due upon check-in and at the discretion of the resort.

Lawsuits Against Festiva

Zealandia Capital, a consumer debt collection agency, owns Festiva. The Better Business Bureau rates this company an F rating. They also give them a 1 out of 5 for customer happiness. Here are some of the lawsuits filed against Festiva within the past decade.

  1. The State of Maine filed a lawsuit against Zealandia Capital (Festiva), stating owners complained directly to Festiva that they actually received less vacation time after converting their timeshares to a point system. Festiva responded by telling them they needed to buy more points.
  2. In 2016, the Tennessee Attorney General sued and won a 3-million-dollar settlement against Festiva for alleged violations of the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act.
  3. Also, in 2016, Six owners won their $400,000 lawsuit against Festiva, alleging they did not receive the product they were told they would.
  4. More recently, in 2018, a West Virginia resident has filed a class-action lawsuit against Zealandia Capital for coercive debt collection practices.

Festiva Resort Locations

Festiva Southeast

Florida has always been a favorite vacation destination due to the perfect sunny climate year-round. If one of the Florida resorts is not your home base, you may not be able to enjoy them on the exchange program due to limited units. Well, the good news is that all resorts keep rooms open for non-owners all year-round.

 South Carolina has the most Festiva resort locations. Click on the links below to see how you can still book a Festiva suite without a timeshare contract.

In addition, Festiva owns resorts in Arkansas (Los Lagos at Hot Springs Village), Louisiana (Frenchmen Orleans at 519), and Alabama (The Shores and Palm Beach Resort).

Festiva Northeast

Many people like the changing seasons of the Northeastern states. These include resorts from Maine (Rangeley Lake & Resort) down the coast to Massachusetts (Southcape Resort & Club) to the Coconut Malorie Resort in Ocean City, Maryland. 

Wyndham Resorts Disguised as Festiva

The Atrium Beach Resort & Spa in St. Maarten and Cabins at Green Mountain in Branson, Missouri, are owned by Club Wyndham, not Festiva. Wyndham allows Festiva a certain number of units inside of their resorts to rent to their owners. During a presentation, timeshare reps will often spin this as a positive for buying the timeshare. In fact, owners end up having fewer choices. With just a few rooms in a particular resort and thousands of owners, there will be resorts you were promised but will never be able to book because of the limited room availability.

Festiva’s Ski Resort

Tamarack Resort in Wisconsin is a Wyndham owned resort with very limited availability.


Cheaper Festiva Resort Stays

Through secondary markets, you’ll be able to enjoy any timeshare resort, even Festiva Resorts, without the burden of ownership costs. Because dissatisfied owners are desperate to recoup lost income from timeshares, they’ll list their timeshares on sites like RedWeek. Additionally, Ebay and private rental sites like VRBO also have tons of timeshare resorts for rent. Knowing how to get out of your Festiva timeshare is the only way to start taking advantage of these options.

Resort Travel Exchange (RTX)

RTX promises to exchange your resort week for any other resort in their networks, such as Marriott or Westgate Resorts. Here’s the thing, you don’t have to go through RTX to book another resort. This is marketing at it’s best. Any resort on their exchange list is available to you without ownership. But RTX makes it seem like it’s an exclusive deal. Untrue.

What is a Festiva Timeshare Worth

The short answer is zero. “Buying a timeshare” is not the same as owning property. There are only two things you actually own after you sign the contract. Firstly, you own the right to a set amount of time at your home resort, and for that, you pay big time. Secondly, you own the right to pay for the resort’s upkeep for the rest of your life. Meanwhile, everyone else (non-owners) reap the benefits of your poor decision.

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How to Cancel My Festiva Timeshare

The stress of being stuck in a costly mistake is not the way to enjoy life. Vacation your way! Keep more of your money, and still travel in style. Review our Better Business Bureau website then contact us for a free consultation.

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