How to Cancel/Get Rid of a Holiday Inn Club Vacation Timeshare

Even if you don’t own a Holiday Inn Vacation Club timeshare, you may be familiar with Intercontinental Hotel Group PLC, better known as IHG. Though its history began with hotels, many timeshare companies now work with IHG to help customers exchange their points between different resorts. It is indeed possible to cancel or get rid of an HICV timeshare. We suggest you read this article for more information on Holiday Inn’s timeshare division in order to explore cancellation of your timeshare. This hospitality giant has been in business for over over 200 years. It has held a strategic presence in the timeshare market since 2008. This article will help your understanding of how to get out of a Holiday Inn Timeshare in 2023. Holiday Inn is one of the most frequently bought timeshares, trailing only the cancellations of Wyndham timeshares.

Kemmons Wilson founded Holiday Inn in 1952. After building his company for almost three decades, Mr. Wilson came out of retirement in 1982 to found Orange Lake Resorts. 2008 saw the inception of the Holiday Inn Club Vacations brand, a joint venture between Orange Lake Resorts and IHG. This was both companies’ debut into the timeshare industry. Orange Lake also bought Silverleaf Resorts in 2015, further expanding IHG’s resort network. Tom Nelson has served as Orange Lake’s CEO since 2017. The Wilson family still privately owns and operates Holiday Inn.

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Secondary Market Rental and Resale

Holiday Inn Resales and Rentals

Weeks to Points: Orange Lake and IHG Win Either Way

In 2006 Orange Lake’s timeshare branch followed industry trends, and changed their weeks-based system to points, and their Silverleaf owners paid a large price for it. We often hear that salespeople explain at update meetings that the merger would make Silverleaf timeshares useless. An upgrade was the only way they could keep using the ownership, and would lead to less cancellations of Holiday Inn timeshares. Afraid of losing the money paid into their contracts, customers would crack under the pressure and agree to buy even more.

This is very predatory, as the weeks-based vacation interest is much more owner-friendly than the points-based model. The week system guarantees you a week of vacation because you own one of only 52 units of time that Orange Lake can sell in your unit. But the points system allows the company to sell as much of its made-up reservation currency as it wants, at any price. Orange Lake can easily sell more points than it will ever have rooms for. It’s a bidding war that can never accommodate everyone they’ve sold points to. Owner by owner, it seems Orange Lake is fooling people into going into debt to take luxury vacations that will likely never come. Not sure how to get out of Holiday Inn Timeshare? Give Linx Legal a call today.

Common Issues with Orange Lake in 2023

Holiday Inn hasn’t stopped there. We’ve had numerous complaints about the quality of the stays meant to rope people into vacation ownerships:

  • Outright lies about availability.* Several of our clients have been told by Orange Lake staff that their resort was completely full. They later found through the IHG app that not only was there no availability, but it was cheaper to the public than it was for owners. Clients have also noted that the foot traffic at these “full” resorts seemed suspiciously sparse. The time is now to get out of your Holiday Inn timeshare.
  • Misrepresentation of rooms booked for promotional stays. Several clients have complained that Orange Lake enticed them with a free stay “at its Disney property.” They arrived excited, only to find out their room was at a different (farther-away) location, and did not have the flashy, resort-style features advertised. Imagine how you would feel during a tour of the luxury property you thought you would be staying at!
  • Disregard for customer safety. Multiple clients have detailed issues with the safety and maintenance of these properties. This is a big concern for the many families with small children often use these resorts. We have been told of one occasion where that Orange Lake once placed a family in a unit with a faulty door latch. At the family’s request, on-site maintenance staff addressed the —or so they thought. After they “fixed” the issue, the family found their two-year-old son had exited the villa through the unlatched door and climbed three flights of stairs. Fortunately, he didn’t fall or get hurt, but his parents were traumatized. They were on edge for the rest of what should have been a relaxing trip. Orange Lake later claimed to have no record of the complaint.** One of our now-clients also slipped and fell on a wet surface that had no anti-slip mats or “Wet Floor” signs. This patron had bruising, swelling, and pain across half her body—certainly no way to enjoy a vacation. When she complained, Orange Lake would not take responsibility for the incident, nor offer them compensation. **
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Privately Owned, Harder to Work With

No family trying to enjoy some well-deserved time away wants to spend their vacation stressing over an injury or near-disaster. Companies have a responsibility to avoid creating hazards such as these, and to address them when they do arise. Part of what enables Orange Lake to ignore this and many other concerns is that it remains privately owned. This status frees the company from many of the moral standards its publicly traded competitors have to meet. Because its records, operations, company policies, and decisions are not in the public eye, Orange Lake will also face less backlash for cutting corners.

This can also explain why Holiday Inn timeshares can be even more difficult to get rid of than other companies’. Orange Lake has a lot of “wiggle room” to make it very hard for owners to cancel Holiday Inn timeshare contracts, even if fraud was involved. It may simply be that their investors’ interests don’t align with addressing customer complaints. Either way, Orange Lake doesn’t have to tell you. Get rid of Orange Lakes timeshare today.

I Want to Get Rid of My Holiday Inn Contract. How Do I Start?

Understandably, clients with experiences like these often find themselves wondering what they were paying so much for. It can be hugely frustrating to feel trapped by debt that gets you nowhere. If you believe you have fallen victim to any of these practices, please reach out to us. You can also fill out our questionnaire to help find out whether you qualify for our program.