How to Get Rid of Your Hyatt Timeshare

The ups and downs of the world economy have a direct impact on travel. Since the internet is growing at the speed of light, more people are discovering cost-effective ways to vacation. When times get a bit rough, nobody wants to be stuck with maintenance payments for a place they can’t visit. But how do you find information on how to get rid of your Hyatt Timeshare? Who do you trust?

Firstly, find a reputable timeshare exit company to work with, like Linx Legal. Secondly, use your free consultation to ask the right questions. We’ll give you step-by-step directions on how to get out of your Hyatt timeshare. So you’ll never feel in the dark. Please take a moment to fill out the short questionnaire below to see if you qualify.

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Are Timeshares Going Out of Style

Who’s buying timeshares anyway? As Baby Boomers age, more are opting out of timeshare ownership. But their maintenance payments are for life. In fact, they realize that money could be better saved for long-term health care or savings. At the same time, new generations of 20-somethings are figuring out the cons of timeshare ownership. Because when vacation euphoria wears off, the realization sets in. Now, you’re in it for life, no matter if you can afford it or not.

The New Kid in Town

Unlike many of the timeshare companies of yesteryear, Hyatt entered the vacation ownership market late. In 1995 the Hyatt Residence Club was the first branded timeshare bearing the Hyatt name. Moreover, Hyatt Hotel Corporation now has an impressive 850 properties in 60 countries. How are they like other timeshare companies? Similarly, Dimond Resorts, exchanges can be made with weeks or points.

If you’ve owned a Hyatt timeshare, you know that they are quite beautiful and luxurious. Hence, they traditionally cater to upscale or business customers. The resorts are either full-service or boutique hotels.

Hyatt’s Portfolio

There are three levels of luxury at Hyatt Properties, the most exclusive being the Independent Collection. Next, the Boundless Collection, and finally, at the bottom, the Timeless Collection. Each is a proverbial step up, or down, in their line of luxury properties. Comparatively, Residence Club resorts can only trade with other Residence Club properties.

Independent Collections 

The Unbound Collection–exclusive independent (upper-upscale hotels)

Destination Hotels–luxury independent properties

Joie de Vivre Hotel–properties designed around neighborhoods

Boundless Collection

Andaz Hotels – art-focused luxury lifestyle resorts.

Alila Hotels and Resorts – quaint upscale boutique with sustainable practices

Thompson Hotels – luxury boutique hotels

Timeless Collection

Grand Hyatt – large luxury hotels with expansive meeting facilities

Park Hyatt – offering residential-style luxury

Miraval – luxury wellness resorts

Regency – Hyatt’s signature brand

Hyatt – branded modern hotels

Ziva – all-inclusive family resorts

Hyatt Zilara  (all-inclusive adults-only)

UrCove by Hyatt – Hyatt’s new brand targeted to Chinese travelers.

Hyatt Place – a mid-tier brand offering large rooms

Hyatt House – extended-stay properties

Residence Club – timeshares and vacation rental resorts

Hyatt Exhale Spa & Fitness – fitness clubs

The Same Resorts (& more) for Less

Did you know, all the resorts listed above are also listed on Secondary Market Sites for much less? So, cancel your Hyatt timeshare. Next, take that money and book an upper-upscale luxury resort in Hyatt’s Independent collection. Because you’re worth it!

  1. RedWeek has all the Residence Club resorts for a fraction of the cost of ownership. No transfer fees, no waiting until your designated week. Break free of that limiting, expensive timeshare, and travel on your own terms!
  2. VRBO After your timeshare is canceled, you can book those elusive places that just never came available with that restrictive contract, like Hawai’i. Mahalo!

Hyatt Ownership Cons 

Another key point is that the Residence Club does not break up the maintenance fee into monthly payments to help people. Instead, they require a lump sum fee paid annually. This can be a significant expense and a key factor for many families. By the same token, annual fees are subject to rise. Understand that 5-7% increases each year are likely.

Also, be prepared for added expenses when you want to change your plans or have a guest stay at the property.  In addition, the average maintenance fee at Hyatt is around $1,500 per year for a 2-bedroom suite. Remember that the maintenance fee goes to the upkeep of the resort. One week a year for you and the rest of the year for others to enjoy. Does that sound fair? Now is the best time to get rid of your Hyatt timeshare.

Your Loss is Also Your Gain 

Despite what you’ve been told, your timeshare will lose value—some faster than others. Hyatt Residence Club properties are still depreciating resorts with a small resale market. Even at their Independent Collection level. Owners must factor in at least a 50% depreciation rate over five years and 92%-100% depreciation over ten years. Canceling your timeshare now is a smart financial move.

Why own something with no equity? With this in mind, some owners state that the resorts are not as exclusive as they used to be. Expressing that the resort’s overall feeling is more get heads in beds than it is about a quality vacation experience.

Other Vacation Expenses

Will you have enough cash in reserve to enjoy your vacation? Don’t stretch your account to the breaking point. Suppose you have already paid your timeshare maintenance fees for the year, great! But the incidental costs of ownership remain. These costs will always be an extra expense, even if your sales rep may have calculated them into the cost of ownership. It’s the oldest trick in the book.

  • Flights
  • Food
  • Transportation (Uber, Taxi, Renting a vehicle)
  • Entertainment
  • Shopping

On the positive side, you can get rid of your Hyatt timeshare by calling Linx Legal toll-free at 1-800-604-398. Our free consultation will put you in touch with our exit specialist. They are knowledgeable and friendly. And there is never any pressure to use our services. We understand you’ve had enough of that during your timeshare presentation.

Hyatt Timeshares

Here are just a few of Hyatt Residence Club resorts. It seems anywhere you go; there’s a good chance you’ll find a Hyatt branded hotel.

  • Hacienda del Mar (Puerto Rico)Paddle up to a poolside bar for your favorite tropical drink and plan an adventure.
  • High Sierra Lodge (Nevada) is nestled in the pines of Lake Tahoe, surrounded by one of the most picturesque settings.
  • Pinon Pointe (Arizona) is located in the heart of Sedona. With an eclectic blend of dining, shopping, galleries & music.
  • Wild Oak Ranch (Texas) Amenities include an 800-foot river pool, two waterslides, a beach, spas, a health club, a poolside restaurant.
  • Windward Pointe Resort (Florida) is an enchanting island, warmed by the Gulf Stream.
  • Ziva (Los Cabo) Innovative spa treatments and fantastic beach living are just a few of the many attractions.
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