Spinnaker Resorts Timeshare Cancellation

Is canceling my Spinnaker timeshare even an option? How much will it cost? Who can I trust not to rip me off? These are the first questions that undoubtedly come to mind after you’ve decided to get rid of your timeshare for good. While everyone has their reason for wanting to cancel their contract, most people freeze when it comes to choosing how they exit. A life full of undue stress is no way to live. Did you feel like you were a victim of a timeshare scam? Has your financial situation changed? Are you no longer able or willing to use your timeshare and want out? Do not panic. There are still legitimately safe exit options for you. Spinnaker timeshare cancellation is possible, and our expert team can help!

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Spinnaker’s Resorts Portfolio

Since, opening its first resort in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina in 1982, the company has expanded to a handful of other locations. Spinnaker’s portfolio includes properties in Hilton Head (8), Branson, Missouri (4), Ormond Beach, Florida (2), and Beaver Creek, Colorado, with a single resort. Compared to other timeshare companies like Club Wyndham and Marriott Vacation Club, Spinnaker is the smallest, owning only 100,000 units. 

Real Vacations are not timeshare Traps

While everyone wants to go on a vacation, all timeshare resorts trap. Timeshare sales reps prey on your elevated mood, the dream of beach living, and your creditworthiness. But you don’t have to fall for it. Whenever you encounter a salesperson at a resort, interrupt them, and say no thank you. It is that simple. 

Stay at Spinnaker for Less

Secondary Market Places are online websites where anyone may rent timeshares without sitting through a presentation and buying into a contract. So, skip the increasing costs and rent any unit online. 

  • Sites like RedWeek has thousands of timeshares to rent anywhere and all the time. You don’t have to wait for your week to come up. 
  • Armed Forces Vacation Club isn’t just for military members, it’s for their extended families too.

Spinnaker Class Action Lawsuits 

  • A Class Action Lawsuit was filed alleging the company broke the law by not registering with the state to sell timeshares at Bluewater by Spinnaker — its resort on Hilton Head Island — until September 2014. Before that time, the company “knowingly sold unregistered timeshares to the general public,” the suit says.
  • As recently as 2020, a proposed class-action lawsuit claims timeshare marketers Resort Sales by Spinnaker, Inc. and Resort Sales Missouri, Inc. have overstepped the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by placing automated telemarketing calls to consumers whose numbers were listed on the National Do Not Call Registry.

Spinnaker and the Better Business Bureau

The BBB has received a pattern of complaints against Spinnaker Resorts. Note: Spinnaker is not accredited with the BBB. 

  • Calling Issues: Continued harassment after requesting removal from the calling list. 
  • Customer Service Complaints: Multiple responses to the request by phone or letters have not been returned or ignored in full. When customers ask to speak to a manager, the call is disconnected. 
  • Sales Practices Issues: Consumers signed their contracts based on oral misrepresentations by the sales staff and realized that what had been purchased was not in agreement with what was presented to them verbally at the time of the sale.    

5 Good Reasons to Cancel Your Spinnaker Timeshare

  1. There are many reasons you may not be able to take a vacation. The inability to travel for reasons like medical conditions, travel restrictions, and income loss is beyond your control.
  2. When a couple buys a timeshare together, two names are on the deed. What if that situation changes and one passes away, is placed on active duty overseas, or divorces the other. Having to deal with getting rid of a timeshare during a life crisis is not ideal.
  3. Timeshares never increase in value. And the IRS values timeshares worthless. Don’t look for tax breaks, you won’t find any. 
  4. Did you know that third parties are often managing your payments, foreclosures, disputes, lawsuits, harassment, and whatever else they can do to ensure you keep paying? Now you’re fighting with a company you don’t even know. But they know all about you, your credit, and your personal information.
  5. The salesperson lied. If they took advantage of your ‘friendship’, then you have a good reason to cancel. Over-exaggerating the benefits of your timeshare is cause for the exit. If you record the salesperson talking, great! Use that in your lawsuit. If not, call Linx Legal for a free consultation.

Bonus Tip: If you have to borrow to buy a timeshare, you have no business buying one.


Spinnaker Timeshare Cancellation Policy

According to the Spinnaker Association Fee Owner’s FAQs page, there is no Exit Program in place at this time. If an owner wishes to sell their timeshare on a resale market site, they may do so. This leaves owners out to dry as Spinnaker offers no guidance to the cancellation of their contracts. Basically, you are left to figure it out on your own.

Things to Know About  Canceling Timeshares

  • Ultimately, there is no such thing as a Timeshare Exit Lawyer.
  • Exiting takes time. Including exiting your timeshare.
  • Not only is hiring a timeshare exit company with proven integrity vital, but their ability to provide stellar communication is everything!
  • Most timeshare owners put up their timeshares for sale for $1.
  • If you think renting your timeshare will make you a substantial income, then think again. There are 100x more sellers than renters and your odds are next to nothing for substantial income potential.
  • Timeshare owners get scammed every day out of thousands of dollars trying to cancel their contracts through the wrong company.  

Actual Owner’s Questions to Spinnaker

  1. Why are my fees so high? We analyze 36 months of cost data to complete the budgeting process. 
  2. How much are my Property Taxes? The amount varies by the resort—the average is $1,000 on top of other fees.
  3. Why am I responsible for owners who do not pay their share of fees? In a Homeowner Association (HOA), all costs are the shared responsibility of each owner. If an owner does not pay their annual Association Fee, then that cost must be paid for by the other owners collectively.

Here is the example Spinnaker gave to compliant owners about why they will pay others’ share. A couple who purchases a boat with another couple is responsible for the ship’s payment and upkeep. However, if one of the couples stops paying their share, the other team is still responsible for covering the ship’s costs.

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Spinnaker Timeshare Exit Plan

In short, our team at Linx Legal will never pressure you into anything. Instead, we’ll work with you to get your desired outcome. Canceling your timeshare does not have to be scary. Go check us out on the Better Business Bureau website, then give us a call or text because no one should be stuck with a timeshare!

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