Timeshare Alternatives: Get Mad and Get Out!

At Linx Legal, we don’t just get people out of timeshare contracts, we show them better ways to vacation. They get mad and we don’t blame them. Here are some of the best ways to vacation while keeping more of your hard-earned money.

Vacation Alternative #1 – Become a Non-owner

Did you know it’s easier for a non-owner to book a room at any timeshare resort during peak season than for a timeshare owner? Even though you were told you have ‘exclusive weeks’, perks, and upgrades included with your timeshare, it’s a false.

  1. Nothing extra was given to you for free
  2. Upgrades are added during the presentation to entice you to buy now

We’ll prove it. Firstly, pick a destination that is hard to book, like Hawaii during peak season or any destination that you were told was not available to you because either you don’t have enough points or there’s a waiting list. Secondly, call them up. Now, act as if you are a Joe Schmo just booking a condo for the first time. Surprised how easily you were able to book a room?

Everyone is a Potential Owner

To the timeshare companies, everyone is a potential future timeshare owner and they want to get them into the resort and into a timeshare presentation quickly. The resorts make room for non-owners by taking away your availability. And guess who is paying for the Schmo family’s stay during peak season in an upgraded condo for lower rates than you can even get on a good week? You are! Your monthly maintenance fees pay for everyone else’s vacation by keeping them up-to-date and available. Timeshare resorts are not exclusive to owners. Anyone can book rooms anywhere at any time. Except for timeshare owners. Are you mad yet? Take a moment to watch this short video to see what we do. Now take this short quiz to see if we can help you get out of your timeshare contract.

Vacation Alternative #2 – The Secondary Market

When our clients discover the Secondary Timeshare Market, they get mad. Owners often list all their weeks or whole timeshares just so they can recoup some of their money back.

Sites like Heroes Vacation Club gives free membership for Police, Firefighters, and EMTs. Search resorts, destinations, or take advantage of the $359 per week vacation at millions of resorts worldwide. Red Week is the largest timeshare rental site on the internet. With tens of thousands of timeshare rentals for rent on social travel sites like Airbnb and VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner), you can have it your way.

Check out this Wyndham Airbnb! Not only is a week’s stay is less than your yearly maintenance fee + mortgage, best of all no commitment. The hardest place to book a timeshare is in Hawaii. Not anymore! VRBO’s knowledgeable booking agents will help you find the perfect tropical getaway anytime you want. With social travel sites, you are free to explore unique styles of lodging including, a glam treehouse, Vegas high-rise, or an entire luxury cabin instead of being stuck in a limiting timeshare contract.

Because timeshare companies like Wyndham, Hilton, and Marriott, own most of the secondary market websites, they continue to make money when you buy and when you want out of your contract. It’s win-win for timeshare corporations.

How It Works

When timeshare owners no longer want the burden of ownership, they often list their timeshare weeks for sale on a secondary website. Now, when non-owners book through these sites, the timeshare sales reps are waiting to get them into a sales presentation so these clueless vacationers can become new timeshare owners. Are you mad yet?

Linx Legal is an expert at creating timeshare exit plans for frustrated timeshare owners who don’t know where to turn. We’ve been getting people out of their timeshares since 2009. Our customers love us! Our team at Linx Legal will keep in touch with you weekly on updates related to your timeshare exit plan. We do all the work. A large percentage of our business comes from referrals from happy clients that we’ve helped get rid of the debt of a timeshare once and for all. We fight for your rights to exit your timeshare contract.

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Vacation Alternative #3 – Go Together! 

Most families are big enough to split the cost with other family members or friends. This 8-bedroom, pet-friendly beachfront home sleeps 22 people and can be booked for as low at $1699 for the week divided by 4 families = $424 for an entire week at the beach with your whole family! Are you beginning to see how easy it is to vacation without commitment? By doing a bit of research on Google, you can easily have better quality vacations at a time when suits you. Let Linx Legal alleviate your stress of mortgage payments and monthly maintenance fees. Take the quiz above to see if timeshare exit is for you.

Vacation Alternative #4 – Local Property Management Co.

Timeshare owners often hire local property management companies to rent out their timeshares. These management companies account for 88% of all local privately-owned rental properties in any given city. Remember, employees who work at a local property rental company are also residents of the town.

Locals will guide you to which areas most popular and which areas are dangerous. Most tourists have on vacation goggles meaning they are oblivious to the crime rates in an area. This is the kind of intel you can only get from talking with a resident. Call one a locally-owned management company and start a conversation. It’s like having a personal concierge to curate your entire vacation experience.

Watch this short video to see if any of these lies were told to you in your timeshare presentation.

  1. You can make money by renting out your timeshare
  2. You can sell your timeshare for a profit
  3. The timeshare resort will buy back your timeshare anytime
  4. Purchase now refinance later, no problem
  5. We’ll give you free ‘upgrades’ if you buy today

A Linx Legal team member will listen to you and create a timeshare exit plan that frees you from all timeshare contract obligations.  Check us out on the Better Business Bureau website and then give us a call or text. We are here for you.

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