Timeshare Exit Team Falls Short

The timeshare exit companies with the biggest advertising budget are not always the good guys. On the contrary, ethics and proven successful results triumph over greed every time. For this reason, where Timeshare Exit Team falls short, Linx Legal continues to build solid relationships with families who want to be free of their timeshare burden. Given that Linx Legal has a 98% success rate in helping people get rid of their timeshares, you’ll enjoy knowing you’re in good hands.

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Who is Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey is a money-management expert and national radio personality. Moreover, he openly endorses Timeshare Exit Team. Dave gives away many of his financial opinions for free. If you’re just starting to realize you may need advice on getting out of serious debt, Dave isn’t the worst guru from which to take advice. In fact, he often spews out some solid information. Like, teaching others to live within their means to pay their debt off faster. Granted, that may seem like a no-brainer, but if your parents didn’t teach you this concept in your youth, chances are you’ve made some poor financial decisions trying to keep up with the Jones’s.


Trapped in a Timeshare

Dave Ramsey is also right about timeshare ownership. It sucks! Sucks your bank account dry without any return on investment. Also, timeshares are nearly impossible to get out of. Their value depreciates faster than a car. Purchasing a timeshare is not an investment decision. Rather a money pit that will never generate income for you. An investment signifies that you will eventually sell it and make a profit. With timeshares, you’re just pre-paying your hotel bill for the next 25 years, whether or not you use it. Timeshare cancellation is the only true way to get rid of your contract.


Linx Legal vs. Timeshare Exit Team

What are the differences? Plenty.

Linx Legal

  1. Communication: Linx Legal stays connected with you throughout the exit process. And, they’ll answer when you call, always return your calls, and will keep you up to date on your case weekly.
  2. Success Rates: An unmatched 98% of their customers are happy with their exit process outcome.
  3. BBB A+ Rating: Client reviews are everything! It means Linx Legal keeps its promises.
  4. Credit Protection: Linx Legal will never put their clients into foreclosure.

Timeshare Exit Team

  1. Lawsuits: It seems there’s been a lot of trouble brewing lately regarding unethical business practices.
  2. Broken Promises: Trustpilot has thousands of soured customers that have been unsuccessful in getting Timeshare Exit Team to honor their 100% money-back guarantee.
  3. Credit Fails: Timeshare Exit Team has continually put their client’s good credit in jeopardy by their unresponsiveness and unfair practices. Know your rights.
  4. HIPAA Violations: An investigation by Orange Lake Resorts uncovered over 95% of client cases went to outside vendors. In fact, clients were unaware of this shady practice. Furthermore, clients were not allowed to know which attorneys had their cases so as not to contact them directly.

Trouble With the BBB

In November of 2018, the Better Business Bureau recognized a pattern of complaints from Timeshare Exit Team customers. The top issues were regarding contracts, customer service, and guarantees. Consumers stated that Timeshare Exit Team did not give adequate updates regarding their cases. Nor did they provide the 100% guaranteed refund. Nearly all Timeshare Exit Team’s responses to customer complaints on the BBB site were addressed after the complaints were posted. Eventually, some clients received a refund for broken promises, but only after the BBB got involved. If you must force a company to keep its promises, are they even ethical?

 Red Flags

  1. Timeshare Exit Team is not a BBB accredited company, even though they’ve been in business for over seven years.
  2. There has been buzz throughout the industry that puts into question whether their clients incentivized their reviews.
  3. Multiple lawsuits have been filed against Timeshare Exit Team, including one file by the Washington State Attorney General.

The bottom line is, do your research before you commit. Ask questions. Keep notes. Compare promises to facts. Then make an informed decision to exit your timeshare the right way.

A Message from Diamond Resorts

“…We applaud Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson for his office’s continued action to protect timeshare owners. General Ferguson’s litigation against Timeshare Exit Team further reveals the truth behind the company’s business practices. Timeshare Exit Team promises customers a 100% money-back guarantee. But does not have nearly enough money in its accounts to deliver on this assurance. The company’s bank account, like its promises, is nearly empty.” – Michael Flaskey, CEO, Diamond Resorts.


Travel Smarter

Just because you are getting rid of your timeshare does not mean you have to stop traveling. In fact, check out these sites and discover an affordable way to take the same vacations to the places you love. In general, did you have trouble booking your Hawaiian vacation through your timeshare company? Now you have more choices.

  1. RedWeek offers discounted trips to Hawaii, Mexico, Europe, and everywhere you love in the world.
  2. Do you need a break? Plan a getaway with Vacation Rentals by Owner. This luxury vacation rental site has so many options.
  3. Ebay Vacation Rentals has great deals on Disney World to Puerta Vallarta, and everywhere in between.
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Take the First Step

With honest reviews on the Better Business Bureau website, you will feel good about working with Linx Legal. We have built strong relationships with Wyndham, Hilton Vacation Club, Marriott, and more. Not to mention, our team of expert negotiators knows the law. We’ll show you how to get out of your timeshare contract once and for all. And, your maintenance will stop immediately without penalty from creditors. We do not sell your timeshare or try to rent out. Instead, we permanently cancel your timeshare contracts. We have the know-how to ensure your finances are safe during the exit process—Call 1-800-604-3989 or text CXL 484848, or fill out this basic questionnaire to talk with a team member at Linx Legal about your timeshare experience.