Timeshare Cancellation Lawyers

Many timeshare owners feel that hiring a law firm is the best way to get out of a contract. They feel that the timeshare company has ripped them off or done something illegal that a lawyer will rectify. Timeshare contracts are designed to protect the company.

The specific wording will generally keep them from ever losing a lawsuit without proof they did something wrong. Law firms will still take on clients even if they are not sure they can win. Hiring a lawyer may not be the best way to get out of a timeshare.

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Lawyers and Consultants

There are distinct differences between hiring a law firm and a consulting firm. A lawyer will provide legal representation and negotiate with the timeshare company. A consultant will help you through the process of cancelling your timeshare without a lawsuit. Choosing the best option for you is very important.

Law Firms

Lawyers are very expensive. The average cost per hour can range from $250 – $550. They are on the clock from the moment they begin doing research for your case. You are charged for every letter they write. You are charged even more if they decide to go to court. There is virtually no incentive for a lawyer to end your case quickly. Most cases that a lawyer takes on last for more than 1 year and can go 5 years or longer. You are also not given a guarantee they will win your case.

Consulting Firms

Linx Legal is a consulting firm. We provide expertise in the timeshare cancellation process. Much of the work we do is through the client. The timeshare company may never find out that you had help. We give a lot of resources to every client so we have every incentive to get the process done quickly. The faster we help you the faster we can help more clients. We do not change how much a client is charged no matter how involved the case is. Linx Legal also offers a money back guarantee that we will be successful. Our cases won rate is over 99%.

When Would You Need a Lawyer?

For timeshare purposes, you only require a lawyer if the timeshare company attempts to sue you. If you are in breach of contract, you may need a lawyer to defend you against a potential lawsuit. This is not common and most timeshare companies will simply foreclose on you if you are in breach of contract. Foreclosure is not a preferred way to end the agreement as it will result in severe damage to your credit.

Pros For Hiring a Lawyer

There are advantages to both avenues of timeshare cancellation. Hiring a law firm will take away a lot of the involvement in the process. They will draft and send the letters. The attorney will also be the point of contact for the timeshare company. The official letters add some pressure to the timeshare company.

Cons of Hiring a Lawyer

We have touched on some negative points of hiring a lawyer. The cost is the number one issue. Because lawyers are running the process, they often draw it out. Your concerns may also not be heard because you are not involved. Timeshare contracts are legally binding so often a lawyer cannot help.

Do Consulting Firms Work?

Getting out of a timeshare contract is not easy for an individual. This leaves them with a difficult choice of what to do next. Multiple firms claim they can cancel a timeshare. It is important to research who you will be using whether they are a law firm or consulting firm. Online reputations are easy to find and will provide help in making the right decision.

Pros For Consulting Firms

Using a consulting firm is almost always the cheaper option. There is also more client involvement and case managers are easier to get in contact with. A lawyer may not be available for several weeks to speak with a client. The process is often much faster than using a lawyer.

Cons of Consulting Firms

The client does need to help in the process. The timeshare company is not obligated to speak with a consulting firm. This means that the client is still the primary point of contact. Some clients prefer to stay involved in every step because they want to feel their needs are being met.

Misinformation in the Industry

Unfortunately, there are scams targeted at timeshare owners. Some firms build their business by charging an upfront fee, and never completing the promised work. This applies to both law firms and consulting firms. Always research a company to see what other people have to say. It should always be a red flag if someone asks for money in first contact. You should also be weary if there are negative reviews from other people.

Why Linx Legal?

Linx Legal has been in this business since 2009. For over 10 years, we have been successfully cancelling timeshare contracts for our clients. Our reputation is second to none. We have an A+ accredited rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our past clients have graciously left us many 5-star reviews on the BBB and across the web. Linx Legal’s process is the best in business and we are ready to help you get out of your timeshare.

Our services can help you get out of the timeshare completely. We also offer packages that can simply reduce your ownership to a level you are more comfortable with. We will work with your unique situation and do what is best for you.

How Do I Get Started?

Do you feel you can no longer stay in your timeshare? Contact us today and see what options we have for you. Our team is standing by and ready to assist you in your case. We will ask you some qualifying questions and get the process started. We can be reached by doing any of the following:

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