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Vacation Your Way

When you think about a relaxing beach vacation, most people don’t think of Alabama. However, the white sand beaches of the Gulf of Mexico are the reason families keep going back year after year. Alabama has coastal cities like Orange Beach, Fairhope, or Spanish Fort.

Whether kayaking, hiking, or a lazy afternoon on the beach, Dauphin Island is about surrounding yourself with nature. The Audubon Bird Sanctuary is often a safe haven for weary birds seeking a place from severe weather along their long flights. Bring your binoculars to spot the over 400 species of birds that land here each year. Next, take a drive to the  Huntsville Botanical Garden and dance with the butterflies at the largest, open-air butterfly house in the country.

Many timeshare companies have locations in AlabamaBlue Green Vacations Paradise Isle Resort is among the most popular spot for your Alabama beach vacation. Located near the marina in Orange Beach, Festiva Resort at Orange Beach is where luxury meets paradise. And with an impressive list of amenities, Wyndham Escapes! To the Shores is part of the biggest timeshare company in the world.

Smarter Ways to Vacation in Alabama

Timeshare is not the only way to vacation, but it is the worst way. A high percentage of timeshare owners try to rent out or sell their timeshare within the first 5 years. This is a common occurrence in the timeshare industry, which is why the secondary timeshare market is flooded with cheap deals by desperate owners trying to recoup their money. The good news for you is that you can enjoy the same vacations at the same resorts you love for a fraction of the cost without a mortgage, monthly fees, or restrictions on travel.

The secondary market is any place to rent a timeshare without commitment. Here are a few ways you can take back control of your time and money with one of these options.

  • Armed Forces Vacation Club (AFVC) – Vacations at affordable prices for members of our Armed Forces past and present. How about $359 for a week at a top resort? That’s a way better option than wasting your money on inflated monthly maintenance fee.
  • Red Week – The biggest site on the web dedicated to sharing owner’s unused timeshare properties for your vacation pleasure.

And that’s only the beginning. There are a lot of secondary market sites where you can rent condos, villas, and homes less than the cost of one month of maintenance fees. Because secondary markets like these allow more flexible travel dates, you can book last minute travel and vacation on your terms!

Alabama Bike Week Festivities

Bikers from all over the nation attend many of the bike week festivities across Alabama each year. Since the resorts will be filled to capacity during bike week, timeshare sales reps gear up for a week of high profits and easy sales.

A road trip is better for many people on a motorcycle. Getting close to nature, riding with friends and family to enjoy a week with bike enthusiasts. Add in giving back to a great cause and you’ve just created the ideal bike week trip to Alabama. The freedom of the open road and the freedom of choosing your vacation on your terms go hand in hand. Don’t let a fast-talking timeshare sales rep talk you out of your freedom. Take the short quiz above to get started.

Here is a list of motorcycle bike week charitable events in Alabama.

Ditch Your Alabama Timeshare

  1. If you’ve signed a timeshare contract within the past 5 days, simply call your developer and tell them you want to cancel your contract. The developer must give you a refund within 20 days after receiving the notice of cancellation.
  2. If you’ve had your timeshare longer than 5 days (no matter how long), do not worry. Linx Legal will get you out of your timeshare contract and stop your monthly payments immediately. Watch this short video to learn how easy it is to get rid of your timeshare.
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Linx Legal is Simply the Best

With our 100% money-back guarantee, Linx Legal will free you from your timeshare contract obligations so you can stop the endless worrying. Talking to one of our compassionate team members is a better solution than to try to get rid of your Alabama timeshare yourself. Does this timeshare sales pitch sound familiar to you? If so, we can get you out of your timeshare contract. Our knowledgeable customer care reps are here to listen.

Your Timeshare Exit Plan

Because every client has a different situation, our team will create a customized timeshare exit plan for you. Scroll to the bottom of this page to meet our awesome team! Check us out on the Better Business Bureau website and then give us a call or text. We are here for you.

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