Exiting a Delaware Timeshare

Timeshare companies would like for people to believe they are permanent investments. The long contracts filled with legal jargon make it feel there is no way out. Without help, getting out of a purchase is very hard. Hiring the right firm to help exit a Delaware timeshare is the best option. Linx Legal has over 10 years of experience cancelling timeshares. Delaware’s coastal regions have a lot to offer but that does not mean you should be trapped in mortgage and maintenance fee payments.

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Why People Buy Timeshare

Most will understand that these purchases are not generally a good idea. The loans are large and the interest rates are very high. A lot of timeshare buyers will spend more in finance charges than the cost of the timeshare. Even after the mortgage is paid off, the maintenance fees are owed for life. So, why do people buy? The salesmen and women that market a timeshare know the right things to say. Timeshares are sold using some common tactics:

  • The purchase will pay for itself over time.
  • The loan will be able to be refinanced at a local bank
  • Points and/or weeks can be rented to bring in money
  • The deed can be passed down in inheritance
  • The “property” will continue to go up in value so the resale will net profit

See a full description of these tactics here.

What if You Buy?

The sales process for timeshare can be long and exhausting. Many people find themselves signing the contract just to get out of the room and back to their vacation. Others will buy with the belief that they are making the right decision. However, this does not mean you are going to be stuck with this purchase forever.

Rescission Period

If you change your mind quickly enough, you will not need help to cancel the timeshare. The state of Delaware offers a three day rescission period. You can cancel the timeshare contract within 3 business days simply by notifying the company in writing. The rescission period helps people that have second thoughts about the purchase or have learned that they may not be making a good decision.

Delaware Timeshares

Delaware is slightly different than that of other vacation destinations. It does not have the huge presence of the most popular timeshare companies. Companies such as Wyndham, Hilton, and Sheraton have timeshare locations in popular tourist spots. Delaware has a more localized timeshare industry. One of the biggest attractions to Delaware tourism is the fact that there is no state sales tax. Delaware also has close proximity to other popular locations such as Ocean City, MD. The most popular Delaware timeshares are:

  • Star of the Sea Condominium
  • Summer Place Resort
  • Surf Club Oceanfront
  • Sea Colony
  • Broadkill Resort

Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach is a family friendly beach location. This area features a mile-long boardwalk full of restaurants, shops, and attractions. The Star of the Sea is one of the only oceanfront condos along this stretch. The Tanger Outlets bring many travelers from MD, NJ, and surrounding states to take advantage of the tax-free shopping. Here are some of the other things to do in Rehoboth Beach:

Dewey Beach

For the traveler looking for more night life, Dewey Beach would be the choice. Breweries, bars, and night clubs line this section of the Delaware coast. Surf Club Oceanfront has standard and large rooms as well as a three-bedroom beach house on site. Dewey Beach also offers classes in skim boarding and surfing. East of Maui is known as the number one surf shop in Delaware.

Bethany Beach

Bethany Beach has the largest presence of resort locations. The Summer Place Resort as well as Sea Colony are located in this stretch of Delaware. The boardwalk offers travelers the food, shopping, and attractions. Mini golf, water sports rentals, and boardwalk fries continue to bring people back. The historic Bethany Beach trolley provides the best way to relax and see the sites. Bethany Beach also boasts the following attractions:

  • DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum
  • Fenwick Island Lighthouse
  • Nassau Valley Vineyards

Alternatives to Timeshare

Delaware is an awesome place to visit. That does not mean that a timeshare is the only way to secure your place to stay. The owners of these popular resorts will rent their portion to vacationers. You will only be responsible for the agreed upon rental fee. The mortgage and maintenance fee obligations still fall on the owner. You can vacation for far cheaper than the resort owners.

Timeshare Cancellation Companies

Many companies claim to be able to get you out of a timeshare. They claim that your credit will not be damaged and that foreclosure is avoided in their process. The keyword here is claim. Most of these companies have a terrible reputation of not being successful and worse. People continue to tell their horror stories of working with some of these companies. Some say the “customer advocacy” group took their money and they never even heard from the company again.

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Why Linx Legal?

Linx Legal differs from other groups that claim they can help you exit a timeshare. We have been open for over 10 years and we are A+ rated and accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Linx Legal has countless 5-star reviews from clients that we have successfully helped cancel a timeshare contract.

How Do I Get Started?

If you have an unwanted Delaware timeshare, hiring the right help is important. We strongly recommend contacting us to discuss your experience and possible options. We will only offer to take on your case if we are confident we can save you a lot of money. Do not stay stuck in a timeshare contract that will continue to be a drain on your finances. Reach out to one of our experts using any of these methods:

  • Take our short quiz above to get started
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  • Call us toll free at 1-800-604-3989