Cancel My Timeshare in Hawaii

If you find yourself with an unwanted timeshare in Hawaii, Linx Legal may be able to help. Many people have discovered that their timeshare ownership on the Hawaiian Islands has not lived up expectations. These owners were told any number of lies and misrepresentations that made them feel comfortable when signing the contract.

Typically, once someone realizes the timeshare is not in their best interests, it is too late to cancel on their own. However, we at Linx Legal have over 10 years of experience canceling timeshares and removing debt for our clients. Getting rid of a timeshare in Hawaii would mean no more mortgage or maintenance fee payments, no required sales meetings, and freedom from the crippling debt that often goes hand in hand with timeshare ownership.

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Canceling Within the Rescission Period

If your contract is still within a few days of purchase, you do not need our help to cancel your timeshare. In Hawaii, you have 7 days from the time you sign the contract or from the time you receive the paperwork, whichever date falls later. This is known as the rescission period or “cooling off” period.

You will simply need to notify the timeshare developer in writing that you wish to cancel. They will have to honor your request by law. It is also a good idea to have a lawyer, accountant, or financial advisor look over any contracts you have signed.

Timeshares in Hawaii

Hawaii is a popular vacation destination for tourists all over the world. People come from across the globe to witness Hawaii’s breathtaking views, tropical beaches, and island lifestyle. It is no surprise that timeshare companies are heavily represented in this area.

The enticing Hawaiian Islands will bring in the potential buyers and timeshare developers will be ready to sell them the dream.  Wyndham Destinations, Hilton Grand Vacations, Vistana Signature Experiences, and the like will eagerly show their resorts to potential buyers. Some of the most popular timeshares in Hawaii include:

  • Club Wyndham at Waikiki Beach Walk
    • 3.5-star resort in Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Club Wyndham Kona Hawaiian Resort
    • Within 3 miles of 4 different beaches
  • Kings’ Land by Hilton Grand Vacation Club
    • 3.5-star resort in Waikoloa Village, Hawaii
  • Maui Bay Villas by Hilton Grand Vacation Club
    • Currently under construction in Kihei, HI
  • Sheraton Kaua’i Resort Villas
    • 3-star oceanfront property in Kapa’a, HI

We receive the highest number of complaints from people who want to get rid of Wyndham properties. They represent the largest amount of timeshares sold in Hawaii. Wyndham accounts for 14 resorts across the Hawaiian Islands. Sheraton/Vistana has 5 resorts while Hilton holds the second most with 10 resort properties.

What Makes Hawaii Special

Hawaii can offer once in a lifetime experiences for the whole family. These experiences have made Hawaii one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world. The views are amazing. Frequent visitors recommend to catch the sunrise in Anahola Bay, Kauai and to watch the sunset at the appropriately named Sunset Beach on Oahu.

During the day, you can enjoy the tropical climate as well as the aqua-blue water. You can find some of the best surfing on the planet as well if you would like to participate or simply observe. Here are just some of the other things that Hawaii can offer:

  • Visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
    • The park sees over 1 million visitors per year. People are drawn to this historic site for its natural beauty and preserved wildlife. More information on this park can be found here.
  • Scuba dive with manta rays or sea turtles
    • The clear blue waters of Hawaii’s beaches offer more than just looks. You can venture into the shallow reefs or into deeper waters to view actual boat wreckage. You do not even need to be certified to dive.
  • Walkthrough The Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden
    • The HTBG is a 40-acre natural greenhouse filled with over 2,000 species of plants.
  • Tour Pearl Harbor and all of its WWII memorabilia
    • Take a flight in a historical P51 Mustang over Oahu airspace.

Other Hawaii Travel Options Than Timeshare

The timeshare developers such as Wyndham and Hilton Grand Vacations would like you to think that buying a timeshare is the only way to vacation in Hawaii. They will offer you the opportunity to feel like you own a piece of paradise. They will tell you that you can come back year after year and enjoy all of the great things that the Hawaiian Islands have to offer.

However, you do not need to be stuck in an unwanted and expensive timeshare. Most would save thousands of dollars by simply renting when they travel to Hawaii. You can even rent timeshare resorts using or You will not be forced to attend a meeting or sales presentation, but you still get to enjoy the scenery.

Hawaii Crater

So, How Do I Get Out of My Hawaii Timeshare?

Linx Legal has the experts standing by to assist you in getting out of your timeshare. We know the ins and outs of the timeshare industry. We know there are certain things that the sales representatives cannot say or do when signing you up. If you are tired of overpaying for vacations and wish to cancel a timeshare, please contact us in one of these ways:

  • Take our short quiz above to get started
  • Fill out our Full Questionnaire for expedited service
  • Call us toll-free at 1-800-604-3989

Also, do not forget to check us out on We are accredited with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have many positive testimonials from clients that we successfully got our of their timeshare.