Cancel My Las Vegas Timeshare

If you are looking to cancel a Las Vegas timeshare, it would include getting rid of your mortgage and your maintenance fees. Before getting out of a Las Vegas timeshare, be aware of some of the most common misrepresentations. Many of these misrepresentations happen every day, and you could have experienced them yourself. For example, take a moment to read this article on the most common infractions in the timeshare industry.

If you feel these infractions have happened, you may qualify to get rid of your timeshare in Las Vegas, and we can help you. Although, if you are within your rescission period on your contracts, you do not need any help to get out of your timeshare.

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Las Vegas Strip Timeshares

Timeshare Cancellation Laws in Las Vegas, Nevada

This section will cover the rescission laws in Nevada. If you still reside within your rescission period on your timeshare contract, getting out can easily be done without our help. You can simply give it back to the resort within this short period of time, for instance.

Due to the laws in Las Vegas, Nevada, You only have 5 days to give back your timeshare. Therefore, you may only rescind your contract if

  1. It has not been longer than 5 days after the initial signing of the contract.
  2. You must provide written notice of canceling to the developer.
  3. The contract must include a statement for the right to cancel.

How to Get Out of my Las Vegas Timeshare agreement after 5 days

Linx Legal can and will help you cancel your timeshare agreement, even after this 5 day period has passed. It can even be done years after your initial, or most recent, purchase or upgrade. There are specific things a timeshare sales rep cannot say to you during the presentation.

Furthermore, we know these common infractions well. We have been in business since 2009, helping clients cancel their contracts. As a result, many of our clients rid themselves of large amounts of debt and financial obligations. Our team of experts has over 80 years of combined experience in the timeshare industry and is very knowledgeable with the Las Vegas, Nevada timeshare market. Take our short quiz below to see if we can help you get out of your timeshare.

What Timeshare Resorts are Most Popular in Las Vegas?

In this section, let us go over the slew of timeshares located in Las Vegas. Of course, it is one of the most popular vacation hot-spots in the United States. For instance, Hilton Grand Vacations has a property called the Elara. Many of the largest timeshare developers have properties in Las Vegas. Including Marriott Vacation Club, Holiday Inn Club Vacations, BlueGreen, and Westgate.

For example, Wyndham has a large number of properties around the Las Vegas area. Wyndham Destinations list 7 different resorts. Moreover, Hilton Grand Vacations lists 5 resorts, strategically located along the strip of Las Vegas. Unfortunately, we receive more complaints from Las Vegas Wyndham timeshare owners than any other timeshare developer combined. Below you will notice a list of the most popular properties around the Las Vegas Strip.

  • Grandview at Las Vegas
  • Wyndham Grand Desert
  • Tahiti Village
  • Elara, A Hilton Grand Vacations Club
  • Hilton Grand Vacations Club on the Boulevard
  • Hilton Grand Vacations Club at the Flaming
  • Marriott’s Grand Chateau
  • Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Desert Club Resort
  • Diamon Suites Polo Towers
  • Club de Soleil
  • Monarch’s Grand Vacations – Cancun Resort

Why People Purchase Timeshares In Las Vegas

Firstly, let’s go over what draws people from all over the world to Las Vegas. Vegas is considered to have one of the largest gambling scenes across the world. There are a number of high luxury hotels and there is always an event taking place. People travel from far and wide to see the numerous attractions. The strip of Las Vegas caters to millions of people each year. For example, in 2019 alone, roughly 42 million people traveled to Las Vegas.

Gambling is a Hit

Secondly, with over 50 casinos in the Strip-area, you can expect to find one on every corner. It attracts everyone from all over the world, from sight see-ers to high rollers at the gaming tables. The peak seasons for visiting Las Vegas tends to be in the spring and summer months. Although, it stays pretty consistent year-round. Mostly, people travel to Vegas during weekends and Holidays. For example, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are some of the highest peaks for tourism throughout the year. If you’re looking for a roll of the dice, a nice show, or even a trip to a nearby park. Las Vegas has plenty to choose from. For example, this is a list of the most popular casinos located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Caesar’s Palace Hotel and Casino
  • MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
  • Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino
  • Red Rock Casino, Resort, and Spa
  • El Cortez Hotel and Casino
  • Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino
  • The Bellagio

Las Vegas Attractions

However, If the casinos aren’t your style, there happens to be plenty of other things to do in and around Las Vegas. Furthermore, Many attractions are suitable for the whole family. As such, timeshare developers giving out free discounted rates to these world-famous attractions or large concert events is a common tactic used to bring potential buyers into a timeshare presentation.

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So, How Can I Get Out of My Las Vegas Timeshare Contract?

In conclusion, Las Vegas is a staple vacation spot that has something for everyone all year long. However, it does not mean you have to be stuck in an unwanted and costly timeshare. For instance, you can save a ridiculous amount of money by simply renting when you plan on vacationing. For example, take a look at timeshare rentals and resales on eBay and Redweek.

There are a number of ways to get started in the process of canceling your timeshare in Las Vegas. Our contact options can be found below. If you haven’t already, please check us out on the  BBB website and take a further look into what we do at Linx Legal. You may have trouble finding another company that carries a similar reputation with many positive reviews.

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