How to Cancel a North Carolina Timeshare

Almost 10 million Americans own a timeshare. Many of these owners will look to cancel their timeshare at some point. On the surface, cancelling a North Carolina timeshare may look impossible. The timeshare companies make it difficult as they are driven to continue to receive payments. Owners will find it difficult to get rid of the timeshare on their own. Linx Legal can help you cancel a North Carolina timeshare and save you thousands of dollars.

Cancelling a Timeshare

Getting out of your North Carolina timeshare involves making no more mortgage or maintenance fee payments. The most popular reason an owner would wish to cancel is to get out of the debt. Interest rates for timeshare are extremely high and the associated fees with ownership continue to increase. This traps owners in a revolving door of debt and many are seeking relief.

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Right of Rescission

You can cancel a North Carolina timeshare contract on your own in certain circumstances. The best case scenario is you have purchased recently. After the purchase, you change your mind. If you decide to cancel within three days, you will not need our help. You will need to notify the timeshare company in writing and you will be granted cancellation. It is advised that you send this communication via certified mail.

North Carolina Timeshares

Our staff has over 10 years of experience cancelling North Carolina timeshares. We receive constant complaints about the treatment our clients received by timeshare companies. The majority of North Carolina complaints come from these resorts:

  • Club Wyndham Fairfield Harbor
  • A Place at the Beach III
  • Peppertree Atlantic Beach

Common Complaints

North Carolina timeshares are sold using the same tactics as other locations. The sales reps will sell the idea of repeated and quality vacations. The most common ways they make timeshare sound appealing are:

  • Owners have priority
  • Rental income for unused points or weeks
  • The value will increase and owners can sell for more later
  • Timeshare company will buy it back
  • Contract can be refinanced later for a better rate

These are common misconceptions that will make buyers feel comfortable with the purchase. Owners will soon realize they were not given the true experience. At that point, it is usually too late and the buyer is stuck in the contract.

North Carolina Attractions

The diversity of North Carolina attractions brings in the visitors. Tourists can have any vacation that suits their families. There are rural areas for a relaxing getaway in the mountains or at the beach. North Carolina also has bustling cities for visitors looking for that experience. Timeshares take advantage of having something to offer every traveler.

The Mountains

North Carolina’s rural offerings are countless. Just miles from any major city, you can be engulfed in nature. The Blue Ridge Mountains bring in visitors from all over the world. People love the scenic landscape and endless adventure. The most popular attractions in the mountains are:

  • The Biltmore Estate – America’s largest home
  • Chimney Rock Park
  • Cradle of Forestry – Site of the first forestry school in the USA
  • Crystal Mountain Gem Mine – Keep what you find!
  • Grandfather Mountain – Highest peak in The Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Green River Adventures – Kayak tours and more fun in the water

The Beaches

North Carolina has many popular beach locations. Beaches are a crowd favorite for vacationers of all ages. The coasts of North Carolina are filled with populated as well as private beaches. Timeshares are prevalent here due to the demand for places tourists can stay. Some popular North Carolina beaches are:

  • Atlantic Beach
  • Nags Head
  • Carolina Beach
  • Kitty Hawk

Nags Head and Kitty Hawk are located within the popular Outer Banks destination. This has been seen using the acronym OBX.

The Cities

North Carolina is the 9th most populated state in the nation. Much of its residents are present in a few major cities. These cities offer their own unique attractions.

  • Charlotte – most populated city and the home office of Linx Legal, Inc. Also home to professional and minor sports teams.
  • Raleigh – the capitol city with historical value
  • Asheville – home of the Biltmore Estate and other attractions
  • Durham – college town home to Duke University and close proximity to the University of North Carolina

Alternatives to Timeshare

Visiting North Carolina and its diverse attractions can be rewarding. The timeshare industry maintains that ownership is the best way to ensure quality family vacations. However, there are alternatives to consider. Renting will always be cheaper than owning in the vacation industry. Owners pay many additional fees. You can rent at the same quality resorts on sites like or

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Cancelling the North Carolina Timeshare

If you already own a timeshare in North Carolina, getting out may be the best option. As stated, cancelling a timeshare on your own is hard. Hiring the right help is the best option. Many companies will claim to be able to achieve cancellation. However, you should always do research into who you go into business with. Most relief companies have a bad reputation and a history of ripping off clients.

Why Linx Legal?

Linx Legal is different from most companies in the timeshare industry. We are in the 10th year being in business. We have been accredited with the BBB for 8 years. Linx Legal is A+ rated on the BBB. Our previous clients have left nothing but 5-star reviews. Our process is selective and will only take on cases that we are confident we will win. This has allowed us to have over a 99% win rate.

How Do I Get Started?

Do you own an unwanted North Carolina timeshare? We are here to help relieve you of the debt and the restriction of owning. There are options for help. We can get you completely out of the timeshare or reduce your ownership to a point you are more comfortable with. Our skilled staff of timeshare experts are ready to help. Contact us today for help getting out of your North Carolina timeshare.