Getting Out of Your Capital Vacations Timeshare

Understanding the truths about getting out of your Capital Vacation timeshare is the first step to financial freedom. Capital Vacations, LLC is under the Corporation umbrella of Nations Hospitality Group. They’re comprised of three resort brands, Capital Resorts Group, Defender Resorts, and SPM. And all of these businesses are resort management companies.

Don’t let this intimidate you from getting out of your Capital Vacation timeshare contract. It’s your right to get rid of the financial burden of timeshare ownership if you choose.

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Rescission Period

How much time you have to cancel your Capital timeshare depends on where it was purchased. For example, in Missouri, you have five days to put your cancellation statement in writing in order for your timeshare company to take it back without penalty. After that, you’re stuck with it for life unless you hire a reputable timeshare exit company like Linx Legal. Just know, the process of timeshare cancellation takes time. So don’t hesitate a day longer.

Limited Inventory

I bet, during your timeshare presentation, the salesperson told you all about Capital’s 66 locations from which you can choose any one of them in which to vacation. Am I right? They most likely failed to mention that Capital does not own some of those 66 locations. So, the beautiful pictures of the resorts you see could have only 9 or 10 rooms that Capital is allowed to rent out to their owners. At the same time, thousands of owners from other timeshare companies are vying for these same properties. If you do the math, then you’ll realize you may never get to visit some of those places you were told you could. In fact, one couple found out after the fact that they could only visit 5 of the 66 resorts promised. How can this be? Because the salesperson lied to them.

Let’s Compare Apples to Apples

At some point, owners realize they either don’t want or can’t afford to pay their timeshare costs any longer. But they also want to be able to go on memorable vacations. Timeshare travel is not the only way to make your dreams come true. In fact, there are much better ways. Add up your yearly mortgage cost + yearly maintenance fees, + yearly special assessment fees. Write that amount here $______.  This is the amount you pay for one week each year at a mediocre resort.

Armed Forces Vacation Club

The AFVC is open to anyone in or out of the Armed Forces and their families. Below are two Capital Resort properties. Compare their cost to what you’d pay.


In addition, Airbnb has tons of beachfront condos for rent in Myrtle Beach alone without the restrictions of a timeshare contract. Compare your costs.


Here is a list of Capital Resorts you can rent for a fraction of the cost of ownership. Compare their cost to yours. But don’t stop there! Upscale resorts like Wyndham and the popular BlueGreen Resorts offer some spectacular accommodations. Also, you can stay at these places for a fraction of the cost of ownership. You deserve to have the very best vacation experience of your life! Don’t settle.


The biggest online marketplace in the world also has some of the best travel deals. Ebay lists many Disney World deals. You get all of the benefits of the resort without any of the upkeep costs. Bottom line, no matter where you want to go, check some of these popular online sites or call a travel agent to help you find the best deals. There are always better deals than timeshare ownership.

The Timeshare Sales Pitch Breakdown

The number one thing to do when faced with a timeshare pitch is to say, “No, thank you,” then walk to your happy place and enjoy your vacation. It really is that simple. But if you insist on giving up your time to sit through 7+ hours of high-pressure sales rhetoric (audible sigh), go ahead, but at least be prepared.

  1. Any personal information you divulge to your sales rep will be used to sell you a timeshare package. Whether you have dogs, love hiking, or purple popsicles, the sales rep is trained to curate a timeshare pitch based on your casual conversation topics.
  2. As soon as the sales rep becomes your best friend, they will most likely pull out a pencil and paper to draw a picture of why it ‘makes sense’ to use a timeshare.
  3. They will tell you that ownership saves money over a lifetime of vacations. But it doesn’t. However, it will lock you in a lifetime of increasing fees and payments.
  4. No, you will not be able to give back your timeshare to the resort. This is why timeshare exit companies exist. To fight for your rights to be free of the timeshare trap.
  5. Terms like ‘deeded timeshare’ are used to confuse you. It may sound like you’re buying real estate, but won’t own any physical piece of any property, only the right to time in the property.
  6. Always rent your vacation properties just like you did before you sat through that sales pitch. Let someone else pay for the upkeep, taxes, assessment fees for the places you stay.

Predatory Practices

​The dreaded timeshare presentation is something you’ll have to go through many times if you want to upgrade your package. Ultimately taking away hours of your precious vacation time.

  • Timeshare companies make you sit through exhausting, hours-long presentations.
  • They are failing to adequately disclose the true nature of the product before a rushed closing.
  • Salesperson builds a friendly rapport with the buyer and then uses it to leverage a purchase.
  • Even after the sale, predators will contact you. For example, timeshare resale scammers will call relentlessly, offering to resale your timeshare in order to get you out of your contract. This is not true. They will most likely pocket the fees and disappear.
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