Exit Your Manhattan Club Timeshare 

With all the recent legal issues and changes in ownership, now is the time to exit your Manhattan Club Timeshare. Did you feel like you were a victim of a scam, and you’re wondering if exiting is even possible at this point? If you’ve felt lured into a shady presentation and made this purchase, do not panic! There are still options, and we can help!

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A New York Landmark

The Manhattan Club is a pre-war condominium building in Midtown’s Midtown West neighborhood finished in 1925. The upscale property has 50 spacious apartment-style suites. Located close to Carnegie Hall, it’s less than a 10-minute walk to Central Park, the Museum of Modern Art, and Rockefeller Center. Also, a private club lounge serves continental breakfast and cocktails in the evening.

Legal Drama in New York

In 2014, New York’s Attorney General conducted an undercover sting operation at the club to investigate the club’s sales practices. The then owners of the Manhattan Club, Park Central Management, LLC, along with ten other owners, tricked thousands of buyers with false promises and shady sales tactics that violated New York law.

The investigation was triggered by complaints from owners who could not secure reservations due to overselling the unit weeks to far more people than could ever stay there in a year. Buyers claimed they were misled by salespeople and confusing rhetoric. And all of them are angry with rising maintenance fees. Now those fees alone are $3,200 a year for a single week of usage. When owners also discovered, to their dismay, that they could not sell — or give away — their timeshare intervals, they were done talking and went to the Attorney General.

BlueGreen Buys Manhattan Club

BlueGreen’s lengthy 5-year legal saga is finally over. In 2021, they will be the new owners of the Manhattan Club. Some longtime owners say they are concerned about the changes, while others are looking forward to converting their ownership into BlueGreen vacation points. At this point, Bluegreen Vacations hasn’t changed anything yet, but when they do, some residents fear they’ll have to give up their apartment.

Upper-Upscale New York City Resorts

  • If you’re going to vacation in New York City, then you might as well go in style and stay at a Hilton brand resort. Stay in the concrete jungle’s posh accommodations like West 57th Street by Hilton Club skyrise.
  • Luxury boutique hotels are where it’s at. The Quin by Hilton Club sits just steps away from the heartbeat of Manhattan. This premier boutique-style timeshare resort boasts sweeping views of Central Park.
  • Are you tired of the cookie-cutter hotel experience complete with robotic service, bland amenities? Experience a new, genuinely personable wellness guest experience at EVEN Hotel Times Square South.
  • At Club Wyndham Midtown 45, you’ll enjoy resort stays at hotel prices. The boutique-style elegance is steps away from everything this city has to offer. Walk to Grand Central Station, the Manhattan business district, Madison Avenue, Park Avenue restaurants, and Fifth Avenue shopping.

Ten Reasons to Cancel Your Manhattan Club Timeshare

  1. You can always travel for less money than the ever-increasing timeshare fees you’re paying.
  2. Limited availability to owners, but not to non-owners, is ridiculous.
  3. Handing down your debt to your children seems wrong.
  4. You’ll always have to sit through just one more presentation.
  5. When life changes and you can no longer afford your timeshare but realize you can’t give it away or sell it either.
  6. Surprise assessment fees.
  7. When the foreclosure shows up and ruins your credit.
  8. You don’t have enough points to take a decent vacation but can’t afford to buy more points.
  9. The over-promise/underdeliver on the dream of vacation ownership.
  10. You thought you bought into one thing and ended up buying another and nobody in the company will admit fault.

Manhattan Club Cancellation Policy

If you’ve recently purchased a Manhattan Club Timeshare, then legally, you have the right to cancel your contract. According to New York state law, you have only three days to cancel your timeshare contract after purchase. That’s barely long enough to realize your mistake. If you are past the three day grace period, you must hire an ethical timeshare exit company to fight for your rights.

How to Become a New Yorker

To become a New Yorker, you must do what real New Yorkers do.

  1. Make pasta in Little Italy at Aunt Jake’s Homemade Pasta.
  2. Grab gourmet donuts from a car wash.
  3. Meander through Central Park.
  4. Eat your way through Chelsea Market.
  5. Get Cultured along the Museum Mile.
  6. Visit all the coffee roasters in New York.
  7. Learn how to hail a taxi like a New Yorker!
  8. Admire Bushwick Street art.
  9. Escape urban life for a while at Rockaway Beach.
  10. Sit next to the secret twenty-five-foot waterfall that flows in Midtown.

Secrets to Staying at The Manhattan Club (or anywhere) for Less

There’s this thing called the secondary market, which allows anyone to rent any timeshares without sitting through a grueling presentation and being pressured into signing a contract. Canceling your timeshare contract is the best option. You can still book amazing vacations on these secondary sites.

  • Owners often put up their units for rent on the secondary market. Sites like RedWeek have thousands of timeshares to rent anywhere and all the time. You don’t have to wait for your week to come up. Skip the increasing costs and rent any unit online.
  • TripAdvisor is a trusted site for resort reviews, but did you know you can also book resort stays through their website?
  • Of course, there’s always the old fashioned way, call the Manhattan Club directly and ask for their best-guaranteed rate.
  • Don’t ignore travel sites like Expedia or Hotels.com which offer lower prices than ownership. Also, they seem to always be able to get you a room when you want it. You can’t say that about trying to book your own timeshare you just bought.
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Manhattan Club Timeshare Exit Strategy

In short, our team at Linx Legal will never pressure you into using our services. We work hard to get you out of your timeshare contract. Check us out on the Better Business Bureau website, and then give us a call or text. Canceling your timeshare is easier than you think.

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