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Life happens. And along with change comes new life choices. Where you were financially ten years ago may not be where you are now. Are you ready to get rid of your South Carolina timeshare commitment? Great! Deciding is the first step to take your life back. Hiring a highly rated Timeshare Exit Company like Linx Legal, is the right decision. Here’s why.

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Timeshare Cancellation Laws in South Carolina

You can give back your South Carolina timeshare within five days. Any time after that, you’ll need to seek help to get rid of your timeshare. But how do you know who to trust? Check out Linx Legal’s Better Business Bureau‘s page. Read top-notch reviews to see why our clients love us!

Why Do People Vacation in South Carolina

This Southeastern state is known for its beaches, golf courses, and historic districts. With 187 miles of coastline, South Carolina is a beach-lovers dream state. BlueGreen, Hilton, Marriott, and Wyndham all have seaside resorts dotted throughout the state. Unforgettable outdoor escapes, entertainment, and delicious Southern cuisine at every turn make this place a true paradise.  The locals are always willing to share their favorite hidden gems.  Just ask y’all!

Myrtle Beach 

You can’t throw a seashell without hitting a timeshare resort in Myrtle Beach. Around every corner is a visitors’ center giving away free meals and tickets for 90-minutes of our vacation time. Sound familiar?

Myrtle Beach and the surrounding coastal towns make up the 60 mile stretch of sandy beaches known as the Grand Strand. Visited by 14 million people each year, it’s one of the East Coast’s hottest beach destinations. Step out onto relaxing beaches for beautiful views of the Atlantic ocean, experiencing interactive fun houses and waterparks are just a fraction of the fun.

Let’s explore at some of South Carolina’s beach resorts. You may even see your favorite timeshare listed below. If you’ve made some great memories at these resorts and still want to stay there, you can! These resorts are not exclusive to owners, so you can still enjoy your favorite resorts or, better yet, try out somewhere new.

Click on any of the resort links and explore brand new places to vacation.

Blue Green Vacations

Capital Resorts

Diamond Resort

Hilton Grand Vacations

Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Marriott Vacation Club 

Sheraton Resorts

Westgate Resorts

Club Wyndham

Garden City 

It’s where the inlet meets the ocean. So, of course, it’s a beautiful place for fishing and watersports. Head to the Garden City Pier to watch surfers catch the perfect wave.

Festiva Adventure Club

Capital Resorts

Surfside Beach 

Although Surfside is a small stretch of beachfront property south of Myrtle Beach, it’s central to all the Grand Strand offers. Book a boat tour through the National Wildlife Refuge. Waccamaw River Tours is a fun way to explore our wetlands. Watch out for the gators! Shop the day away from the upscale urban village of Market Commons. Head over to Top Golf for a friendly game of high-tech golf experience complete with music and food.

Festiva Adventure Club

Club Wyndham

North Myrtle Beach 

Beach music wafts in the air when the sun goes down on Ocean Drive. The official state dance is the Shag. Professional shaggers come from all over to dance in the clubs at North Myrtle Beach.

The oceanfront downtown is lined with shops, restaurants, and bars. Nearby Alligator Adventure is a reptile park with shows.  Barefoot Landing, you’ll find the Myrtle Beach Safari Preservation Station, where you can get up close and personal with tigers, tiger cubs, and baby gibbons!

Festiva Adventure Club

Diamond Resorts

Club Wyndham

Hilton Head Island 

Three hours south of the Grand Strand lies this stunning barrier island. Take the road less traveled to the splendor and wildlife and lush forests. Plan day trip to either Savannah, GA, or Charleston city and enjoy each place’s unique arts and culinary scene.

Capital Resorts 



In Charleston, Southern charm is a way of life. It is the largest city in South Carolina. Locals enjoy living in a coastal setting surrounded by historic architecture and friendly communities. Everything from the churches and cobblestones to the iron gates and front steps has a story to tell.

Festiva Adventure Club

Diamond Resorts

Club Wyndham

Murrells Inlet 

This quaint fishing town isn’t for everyone—only those who like fresh seafood, golf, boating, and beautiful beaches. Experience the magic of a dolphin cruise. Enjoy lively music and fresh-from-the-ocean seafood at the Marshwalk. Soak in the beauty of Brookgreen Gardens.

Festiva Adventure Club

Diamond Resorts

Any resort above is available at highly discounted prices through secondary market sites like RedWeek, Heros Vacation Club, and Ebay Timeshare Rentals.

downtown Charleston SC
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