Timeshare Nightmares

Everyone who agrees to sit through a timeshare presentation understands that someone will try their best to sell you something. But the lengths timeshare companies will go to trap you in a contract is borderline corrupt. Don’t fall prey to these timeshare nightmares.

Do any of the scenarios below sound familiar, or is your own timeshare experience even worse? If you are tired of being held captive by payments and fees and limited vacation options, canceling your timeshare contract is the best solution.

If you stop paying your maintenance fees or mortgage, you will face foreclosure. Instead, hire an ethical, timeshare exit company like Linx Legal. Over 98% of people who work with us walk away free of their timeshare obligations. Learn how to get rid of your unwanted timeshare by filling out the short quiz below.

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State Laws About Timeshares

When it comes to timeshare cancellation, the laws vary from state to state. One consistent thing is the recession period. No matter which developer or state you buy your timeshare, you can get out of it if you hurry.

The average grace period to change your mind is about five days. Some states give ten and some only three.  Although it should be made clear in the timeshare presentation how long you have to cancel your contract, that information is omitted often. On purpose? Who’s to say.

This is why paying close attention and questioning everything is vital to getting through a timeshare process. Have you purchased a timeshare recently and are searching the internet for ways out of it? The first thing is to see if you’re within the time to give it back to the developer.

Targeting Senior Citizens

Unfortunately, timeshare companies often target seniors, promising them a better way to travel. And for a while, some newly retired seniors use their timeshare and explore some great places. Eventually, though, the time for traveling will end, but your payments will not.

Fast-talking sales reps spewing industry jargon is often confusing for seniors to understand. But that does not stop the sales reps from preying on their trusting nature. Timeshare reps even go as far as pretending to befriend senior couples to gain their trust. In addition, Timeshare companies are all too willing to help them get financed with a high-interest loan, which will likely put them in deep debt for the rest of their lives.

We Don’t Want Grandpa’s Timeshare

Some adult children of timeshare owners are shocked to find out after their parents have passed, the timeshare they enjoyed as kids is now their financial burden. If you accept the terms of the contract, you’ll be on the hook for life, paying rising maintenance costs and other fees the resort deems necessary.

Some heirs accept the terms of thinking they will sell the timeshare for a nice profit. Since timeshares are not personal real estate, they’ll never appreciate in value. In reality, there’s likely no chance to come out ahead on the deal. Most timeshares are listed on secondary market sites like Ebay, where some timeshares sell for a dollar, and most don’t sell at all.

Note: When preparing a will, be sure that any timeshares are listed under a separate clause and are not grouped in any other assets. This gives the benefactor a choice to refuse that clause without affecting the rest of the will as long as you don’t use the property during probate.

Secondary Markets

Let’s take a look at some of the best travel sites to book your next vacation.

  1. RedWeek Go ahead, search anywhere you’d like to go. Not only are there timeshares listed for rent all over the world, but you also won’t have to bear the financial burden of timeshare ownership with sites like these around.
  2. VRBO has been around for 25 years. In fact, this trusted site has some of the most beautiful beach rentals, condos, timeshares for rent in all your favorite destinations.

Young Couples Are Taking the Bait

Suppose you get a phone call from a timeshare company offering a 3-night getaway to a beautiful, beachfront property. You have two choices, 1) hang up or 2) take the free vacation, knowing you must give a hard No! During the timeshare sales presentation. If you can do that under pressure, then enjoy your free vacation.

If you couldn’t resist and bought a timeshare anyway, get an exit plan. Hiring a reputable timeshare exit company like Linx Legal is the best way to eliminate your unwanted timeshare. Some exit companies try to sell your timeshare, and when they fail, you’re out all the money you paid. We are not a timeshare brokerage company. Our team will tell you exactly how to cancel your timeshare contract free and clear.

The Do’s and Do Not’s During a Timeshare Presentation

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Linx Legal is the Right Choice

Most timeshare exit companies are fly-by-night operations and could end up taking your money and disappearing. So, how you know which exit company to trust? Linx Legal has been around for over ten years with an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau’s website. Also, we have a proven track record of success. As a result of our high ethical practices, over 98% of our clients have their timeshare successfully canceled. We have successfully canceled thousands of contracts with companies like Wyndham, Bluegreen Vacations, Holiday Inn Vacation Club, Diamond Resorts, and more.

How to Get Out of Your Timeshare Contract

No matter how long you’ve owned your timeshare, Linx Legal can help you get rid of it. In fact, We offer the highest quality of service of any timeshare exit company. Our promises to you include:

  1. 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If, for some reason, we don’t get you out of your timeshare contract, you’ll pay nothing.
  2. Linx Legal will always be there for you. We are a trusted timeshare exit company that will fight for your rights.
  3. When you start working with us, your maintenance payments will stop at once.

If you want to find out how to cancel a timeshare contract, call us today toll-free at 1-800-604-3989 to get the answers you want to make an informed decision.