Cancel Your Wisconsin Dells Timeshare

What is the Wisconsin Dells exactly? It’s a city in the southern part of the state on the Wisconsin River. While this region is known for spectacular glacier-carved sandstone formations, it’s also known for its numerous theme parks, entertainment centers, and forested reserves. And you do not have to own a timeshare to enjoy the Dells. So, cancel your Wisconsin Dells timeshare and enjoy the freedom to explore all the fantastic places to stay in the Dells.

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Wisconsin Landscape

How Wisconsin Dells Got Its Name

Up until 1931, the city now known as the Wisconsin Dells was called Kilbourn. But why,¬†Dells? The word Dells derives from the Native American word ‘dales’ meaning layers of flat rock, describing the area’s bluff rock formations.

Not surprisingly, the Dells is the birthplace of the indoor waterpark. Because a few local resort owners’ got together to figure out how to keep the waterparks going in the colder months, the idea to put a roof over a waterpark was created. For this reason, indoor waterparks are now a staple in America.

Timeshare Laws in Wisconsin

The buyer has the right to cancel a timeshare contract with the developer within five business days of signing. If you are past the grace period, that’s okay; you still have options.¬†Timeshare cancellation is possible, but make sure you choose¬†an A+ rated timeshare exit company¬†like Linx Legal above all else.

The Better Way Vacation in the Dells

There are alternatives to expensive timeshare ownership. Secondary Market sites offer the same rentals at a fraction of the cost of ownership.

  1. Compare these Wisconsin Dells timeshare rentals from RedWeek to what you are paying in fees, mortgages, special assessments in your timeshare contract.
  2. The Armed Forces Vacation Club has some of the best deals on timeshare rentals. The prices listed are per week and much less than owning the same timeshare.

Wisconsin Dells Timeshares

BlueGreen Vacations

Christmas Mountain Village by BlueGreen Vacations is a year-round playground with fresh powder in the winter, nearby ski runs. During warmer months, the on-site 27-hole golf club is open in early spring.

Capitol Resorts

Polynesian Waterpark Resort by Capital Resorts has five indoor water areas and a 200,000 square foot outdoor waterpark!

Club Explora

Tamarack & Mirror Lake Resort by Club Explora Resorts is fun all year round. Pack your snowsuit and head to the slopes nearby or enjoy a patio breakfast on the beautiful grounds before heading out for a day of water fun.

Club Wyndham

Club Wyndham Resorts¬†has two properties in the Dells. The¬†Sundara Cottages¬†and the¬†Tamarack Wisconsin Dells¬†a Ramada by Wyndham resort. Both places have laundry rooms on-site, restaurants, a waterpark, and children’s pools.

Diamond Resorts

Great Wolf Lodges are a staple in Diamond’s portfolio, and only guests can enjoy their waterpark. Instead of buying into a Diamond contract to stay there, book directly through Great Wolf Lodge and ask for upgrades and discounts. Additionally, Mirror Lake Resort and Tamarack Resort both have units that are rented to Diamond owners too. Again, renting directly from the resorts is allowed by everyone.

Festiva Resorts

Festiva also has contracts with these same resorts. So the Tamarack Resort¬†isn’t exclusively for¬†Diamond Resorts owners. And this is where it gets tricky; most salespeople will brag that a timeshare developer has X number of resorts in their portfolio. When, in fact, they only have a few units inside those given resorts. This dramatically reduces the chances you’ll get into the resorts you were promised¬†during the presentation.

Outside the Dells

Are you thinking about getting away from the touristy area of the Dells for a while? In that case, you have two good choices. First, you can drive an hour south to the town of Baraboo. Stay at the beautiful Club Wyndham Glacier Canyon Resort and relax. This modern lodge is tucked away in the natural beauty of the Wisconsin wilderness.

Secondly, you could opt for a long drive 4 hours southeast to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Since it’s only an hour from Lake Michigan, so you get a bonus trip. Not to mention staying at the¬†HICV Lake Geneva Resort¬†in Lake Geneva is prime. It’s close to all the wintertime fun of skiing and snowboarding. The summertime brings water fun with boat tours to Black Point Estate and horseback riding in warmer months.

Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park is the biggest water park/go-cart track in the area. 

Resorts with Rockin’ Water Parks

  1. Kalahari Resort and Convention Center is excellent for mixing business with pleasure. Make a splash at the waterpark after a long meeting.
  2. Chula Vista Resort Waterparks are perfect for smaller kids. Grab onto a rope and tackle The Crock Walk or explore the Mayan Temple.
  3. Wilderness Resorts area has five different resorts on the property and eight waterparks! All accommodations are a bit different at each resort, but they all come with their water filled fun‚ÄĒfor instance, a giant wave pool. From cabins to villas to hotel rooms, no matter which property you choose, you’ll be close to all the action!

Adult Time at The Dells

After a rip-roaring good time at the waterparks all day, it’s time to unwind with friends.

  1. Enjoy massage and body treatments at Spa Kalahari & Salon.
  2. Head over to the modern boutique winery, Balanced Rock Winery, where you can sample the cold-climate grape varieties.
  3. Ho-Chunk Gaming is the only game in town when it comes to placing bets.
  4. Sundara Inn & Spa was rated the most soothing spa in America by Forbes Magazine.
  5. Spa del Sol used all organic products and was rated the second-best spa experience in Wisconsin.
  6. The Chula Vista Spa is as luxe as they come. You can even treat your children 12 and older to a spa day.

Scenic Tours

  • Firstly, mosey on down to¬†Canyon Creek Riding Stables¬†for a scenic trot around town on a majestic horse.
  • Secondly, book a cruise down the river on a boat past towering cliffs and dramatic rock formations, hidden passages, and shore landings at Witches Gulch and Stand Rock, the site of the world-famous dog leap!
  • And if you’re up to it, speed high above the forest floor, flying through the majestic red pine and white oak forest surrounding Sasquatch Lake. Finally, head over to Bigfoot Ziplines for the largest¬†Zipline¬†tour at over 20¬†football fields¬†in length.
Timeshare resorts with water parks
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How Much Will It Cost to Get Out of My Timeshare?

Because most people don’t know how to cancel their timeshares, they often end up doing nothing. We know it’s scary to fight the big timeshare developers. That’s why we’ll fight for you. To have your contract canceled, you must first understand the process. Then our team will create¬†a timeshare exit plan that frees you from all timeshare contract obligations. Check us out on the Better Business Bureau website, and then give us a call or text. All things considered, you have nothing to lose.

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