Cancelling a Honolulu Timeshare Contract

The common misconception is that timeshare contracts are impossible to get out of. Cancelling a Honolulu timeshare contract on your own will be a tough task. The timeshare companies are trained to deny any attempts for relief. However, with the right help, getting out of a Honolulu timeshare can be achieved. Linx Legal has over 10 years of experience cancelling timeshares all across Hawaii.

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Is Timeshare a Bad Investment

Generally speaking, yes. Timeshare will usually be the most expensive to take a vacation. There are many reasons for this including hidden fees and high interest rates. Most companies continue to raise these fees year after year of ownership. The timeshare will also pressure you to upgrade your points and make original purchases obsolete. This will trap owners in a revolving door of continued debt.

What If I Purchase in Hawaii?

You may feel stuck with the purchase. If you decide it is the wrong decision quickly enough, then you do not need us to cancel your contract. States have a cooling-off period for large purchases. In Hawaii, this period lasts for 7 days. You have that long to notify the timeshare in writing that you intend to exercise your right of rescission. They will be forced to cancel the purchase and refund any money paid.

Reasons for Cancelling

Buyers will have many reasons for wanting to cancel the timeshare after purchasing. The sales pitches are full of high pressure, promises, and information. Companies will manufacture the pressure by giving “one-time deals” or “once in a lifetime” opportunities. There are many other reasons buyers may wish to cancel:

  • High costs involved with fees
  • Realizing promises made have not come true
  • Speaking with family members or friends
  • Seeing no value for money spent

Honolulu Timeshares

Hawaii is one of the most famous vacation destinations in the world. The capitol city of Honolulu will draw around 5 million visitors per year but has a population of under 1 million. Honolulu relies heavily on the tourism industry and it is no surprise that timeshares are extremely prevalent.

Wyndham Destinations

Wyndham is considered to be the top timeshare company. They have the most resorts and bring in the most timeshare dollars. They have many resorts in Hawaii. The most popular in the Honolulu area are:

  • Waikiki Marina Resort
  • Club Wyndham Royal Garden
  • Waikiki Beach Walk
  • Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort

We receive the most timeshare cancellation requests from Wyndham. If you have purchased at any of these resorts, we can help you get out of your timeshare.

Hilton Grand Vacations

Hilton has its own share of timeshares in Honolulu. We have helped people get rid of a Hilton timeshare from these resorts:

  • The Grand Islander
  • Grand Waikikian
  • Kailia Suites

Diamond Resorts

We have recently received many requests to cancel Diamond Resorts timeshares. These Honlulu resorts have generated the most interest:

  • Aston Waikiki
  • Royal Kuhio
  • The Imperial Hawaii Resort
  • The Modern Honolulu

If you need help getting out of a Diamond timeshare, contact us today!

Why Honolulu, HI?

Hawaii is one the states that tourism is their largest industry. Visitors to Honolulu and other major destinations account for 21% of Hawaii’s total economy. It is a bucket list place to visit for almost everyone in the world because of its landscape, attractions, and culture. The Islands will continue to bring millions back year after year.


Hawaii is mostly active and nonactive volcanoes. This creates a lush environment of mountains and valleys with beautiful plant life. The beaches are the biggest draw. White sand and clear-blue water set the stage for a relaxing escape to The Hawaiian Islands. The biggest natural attractions in Honolulu are:

  • Waikiki Beach
  • Koko Crater Railway Trail
  • Lyon Arboretum
  • Manoa Falls Trail

Other Attractions

The natural beauty is enough to make anyone want to travel to Honolulu. However, this capitol city also offers much more. The vibrant city district is full of restaurants, shops, and businesses. Some of the other things to do in Honolulu are:

  • Half-day tour of Pearl Harbor
  • Glass bottom boat tours
  • Hollywood movie site tour
  • Honolulu Academy of the Arts


Hawaiian culture is a draw all its own. The Islanders have their own language and always very welcoming. There are beaches on the east and west coast of America but they do not bring the experience that Hawaii can offer. In Honolulu, you can expect everyone to be mindful of respect, care, and compassion.

Timeshare Alternatives

By now, you are probably ready to travel to Honolulu. Timeshares will welcome you with open arms and gladly sell you a room for life. As we discussed, this may not be the best decision. Renting will save you the maintenance fees and other fees that a timeshare will stick owners with. Sites like or let you rent the same timeshare resorts without the hefty costs of owning.

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How Do I Get Out of My Honolulu Timeshare?

If you are passed the rescission period, you will need the right help. The timeshare industry is full of scams and false claims of being able to offer relief. It is advised that you do your homework and choose a company with the best reputation. Linx Legal has been in business for over 10 years. We are A+ rated and accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Our clients have kindly left us nothing but 5-star reviews.

To Get Started

Do you have an unwanted Honolulu timeshare? Are you tired of paying all the bills while others enjoy the resorts? We can help you cancel your timeshare and get your finances back on track. Our system and process are second to none. Linx Legal has experts ready and willing to help you in this situation. To get started, we ask you do any of the following:

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